Being normal is highly overrated. I, for one, never want to be considered “normal.” Why? Well, let’s think about what’s considered normal in these United States.

  • It’s normal to be overweight. (Source)
  • It’s normal to announce your engagement on Facebook, of all places. (Source)
  • It’s normal to eat out often, and unhealthily at that. (Source)
  • It’s normal to watch 151+ hours of television per month. (Source)

If that’s “normal,” I’m really glad I’m not. I’m also glad for the other abnormal people in my life. Ironically enough, they keep me sane.

From now on, when people tell me I’m not normal/I’m different/I’m weird, I’m going to take it as a compliment – why? Because God created me to be who I am, and I’m finally starting to be okay with that. God made me (and you!) for a special purpose; He doesn’t make mistakes. I take that truth very seriously, so I’ll repeat for your sake: God does not make mistakes. When He created us, it was no accident that certain things occurred. It was no accident that I was born in 1986 to two people named Donna and Randy. It was no accident that I grew up in a small town in west central Indiana. It’s no accident that I love Spanish so much that I went to Spain, twice, in order to improve my abilities. God meant for all this to happen. God created me to be me. He created you to be you. So please, embrace yourself and don’t regret being who you were always meant to be.

Disclaimer: I’m still learning this lesson.

What do YOU think?

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