Random Observations

Now, these don’t apply to everyone, but just stuff I’ve seen lately!
  • It’s totally okay to shake out your dusty rag over the street below … no one cares if they get dust on their head, after all.
  • Spying on your elderly neighbor and inventing stories is very good breakfast-time entertainment.
  • Flies are smarter here. You see, in the U.S., if they got in, I’d always open a window, hoping they’d fly out. No dice. But here, here they DO. How great is that! American flies, take note.
  • Spanish men (the old ones) tend to walk with both their hands clasped behind their back. Why?! Good question.
  • When you enter a café, you never know if you’ll be entering a card game of some sort…I have done this twice, and all the old men stare at me.
  • Two things you will never lack: bread and coffee. There’s a shop every two feet as well as a café/bar.
  • Everyone must have backpacks on wheels (if you’re 14 or under).
  • You needn’t be a twin to dress the same as your brother/sister.
  • When something big happens in a soccer game, you can tell just by listening out your window. Last night, we heard a loud cheer when Barcelona scored a goal. We turned on the radio to hear the announcer: “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!” Hahah.
  • Coffee here is much, much better. So are oranges.
  • Only foreigners drink carbonated water…so apparently I identified myself. But I tried to explain that it’s not that common to drink “agua con gas” in the U.S. either.
  • Eat late. You’ll be cooler. In the summer, some families go to the beach and eat dinner at 12 midnight. That’s when you know you’re REALLY, really cool.

Welp, that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed.

What do YOU think?

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