Common Sense?

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I just read this article about 10 things happy couples do. I really like it because the advice is simple, uncomplicated, and common sense. But do we need to be reminded of common sense things? Well, believe me, I most certainly do.

Our mothers are experts at reminding us to drive safely and look both ways and stop, drop, & roll. (Or maybe I’m thinking of my second grade student teacher, Miss Beem. But I digress…) There are so many things we know, thing we know we know, yet fail to do. Why? I’ve no idea. But here are some things that I need to remind myself to do on a daily basis.

  1. Drink water. Drinking water is essential, yet I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t make myself. I drink. Like a fish. And without it, I feel all out of balance.
  2. Stretch. I admit it, I loathe stretching. It’s boring and doesn’t burn many calories. (Unlike Insanity.) But, again, it’s good for you and your sore muscles.
  3. Put on some SPF. We hear about the dangers of excess sun everyday, yet I forget that this applies to me, in the Midwest. Yes, the sun still shines, and yes, it is still (really stinkin’) hot, at least on my face and neck.
  4. Call my mom. Right now, this doesn’t apply, as I’m here for the summer, but when I’m away, I sometimes forget my momma wants to hear from me and, yes, she does want to hear the mundane details. If there’s anyone who does, it’s her. Thank goodness for moms.
  5. Don’t use Facebook to talk politics. Just don’t. There’s no point.
  6. Take your contacts out. Yeah, I hate that too, and would sleep with the things if I could. My eyes don’t even feel normal without my Acuvue Dailys.
  7. Read something. Not on the Internet. Like a book.
  8. Go to bed. Seriously. Get off Gchat and sleep.
  9. Forgive people. They’re not as bad as they seem when the lines are five deep at Kroger.
  10. Don’t stop dreaming. Just because you’re 23, 33, 43, 53 doesn’t mean your life can’t change. It can (and it may, for better or worse). So, take a step, and hope the Spanish government decides to give you the visa.

2 thoughts on “Common Sense?

  1. Hey there! Thanks for the article about couples. My favorite part is the “good tough/bad touch” part. Nice to meet you, look forward to reading your posts!

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