Not as Exciting as You Might Think

My life is not as exciting as you might think. Sure, living in Spain sounds exotic, especially if you’ve never been to Europe. You may think of medieval castles, cobblestone streets, foreign languages, and exotic food. True, all of that exists, and I’m not one to deny that the food here is generally a step up from the SAD. However, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that I’ve been keeping (mostly) to myself:

People are people everywhere. Yes, here in Spain they speak Castilian Spanish. They eat eggs for dinner and cookies for breakfast. Ham is practically a religion (second only to Catholicism). There’s no Ovaltine, but there is Colacao. People live in apartments generally and walk a. whole. lot. more than we do. But here’s the thing: they’re just like you and me. Life is life, and it’s not terribly exciting in the everyday mundanity. Every morning, I too wake up to the annoying beeping of a cell phone alarm. I too groan inwardly and start the coffee, fumbling in the semi-darkness to find the damn button. I too hate grocery stores lines, and always, always end up behind the old lady who insists on counting out the exact change in nickels (or the equivalent). Work is work, and sometimes I don’t like going. (Okay, not yet; I’ve barely started.)

So, please, don’t envy me too much. Really, sometimes I envy you. Why? Let me make a little list.

  • Grocery stores are open on Sundays.
  • Banks don’t close at 2 PM for the day.
  • Cars are useful, and having one is nice.
  • There are so many more options … for better or for worse.

I could go on, but really, I don’t want to. Life here is good; life here is normal. But it’s not one grand rollercoaster ride. (Thank goodness, Mario would be peeing his pants 24/7.)

Coming up: Commentary on my first days at work. No, children, I do not know anyone famous, and no, my favorite music is not Lady Gaga.

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