Twenty Five

So, I love these types of posts. Secretly. I always think they’re so very revealing and fun to read, so here you are.

25 Things About Me

  1. I believe coffee tastes its best with cream (real, heavy cream) and sweetener, be it sugar, splenda, or stevia.
  2. I only started to wear scarves when I came to Spain. It’s true; I caved to peer pressure.
  3. I love all things Halloween, including It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, carving pumpkins, the smell of cinnamon, the so-called spooky decorations. Yep, everything.
  4. I think boots are super fun to wear, but none come in my size here.
  5. I have a weakness for carrots. And Kashi crackers. They are both crack.
  6. I met the love of my life in September 2009 and one week later, when he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes.
  7. I really like watching Spanish children’s shows. What? They’re easy to understand.
  8. I travel on airplanes far too much. I have my likes and dislikes and, somehow, I never get all my likes at once.
  9. I am much happier when it’s sunny.
  10. Spanish is my favorite language, but I’m starting to think that I’m biased. (It’s also the easiest now for me, after English, of course.)
  11. I really like little children; their sweetness makes me happy.
  12. I don’t really listen to lots of hip-hop music, but once in a while, especially in the company of a certain redhead, I can be persuaded.
  13. I’ve never felt more American than when I’ve been in Europe.
  14. Being out of my home country has had a strange way of stirring up patriotic emotions. Also, yes, I will get defensive if you insult us with stereotypes.
  15. I think dryers are an essential part of life. And Spain lacks them. No fresh out of the dyer towels? You are now reduced to third world country.
  16. I find The Daily Show more informative than CNN, MSNBC, and especially Fox News.
  17. I like reading. I will read articles on the Internet all day if you let me. Most people waste time on Facebook; I waste time on The Atlantic.
  18. I read linguistics books for fun.
  19. I like all vegetables. ALL. I like all fruits, except for melon. Melon = travesty.
  20. The best drink ever is a lemon shake-up made by my uncle, Steve.
  21. I really think that Little Mexico in Crawfordsville, IN, has the best Diet Coke on the planet.
  22. I eat salsa straight up.
  23. I think feet are pretty gross. I hate toenails the most.
  24. I make my own salad dressings.
  25. I love baking for my boy.

So, there you have it, more than you’ve ever wanted to know about yours truly.

2 thoughts on “Twenty Five

  1. 14 and 15 could not be truer… I consider “turbo patriotic” one of my stages of culture shock. Also, no driers does = third world.

  2. Brilliant. Some of these could certainly relate to most expats, especially the one about the dryers. Ohhhh how I miss the days when my jeans didn’t stand up by themselves.

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