Greener Grass

So, I’ve told you the things that annoy me. Why don’t I tell you about the enchanting parts? Here, a post in pictures and in words.

Must I say more? The coffee here is good. I love the richness of the espresso, the whole milk, delicate little glasses and spoons.

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca HDR

The breathtaking beauty of Salamanca.

The walkability. It’s nice to be able to walk, not drive, to appointments, to the grocery store, to a restaurant…

Good memories of great towns like Toledo. I will never forget Spring 2008 there.

What? Are you surprised I’m writing about wine? Good wine, that is. Way cheaper in the U.S. You can get seriously good wine for less than €10. Way less.

My Spanish abuelos. They are everywhere, and they are adorable. They walk with their hands clasped behind their back and say funny things to you if you happen to be running in one of “their” parks. I got told I’d catch a cold by one of them once. I wasn’t surprised. Pepita (Mario’s mother) had probably put them up to it.

Learning Spanish. As much as I piss and moan about it, I am grateful. There is nothing like living in a foreign country to really get a handle on the language.

Seeing what a real, everyday Spanish family is like. Different, and not so different than mine. (P.S. The above picture is the President of Spain, Zapatero, with his two daughters. Goth?)

I’ve already gotten all mushy on you (twice!), so I won’t go there again. But…I really came here to Spain to be with this boy that I kinda sorta dig, ya know? I think he’s worth it, and that makes Spain more beautiful than it could ever have been without him here.

The grass isn’t always greener, at least I hope not. Living here, I’d say the grass is just fine.

3 thoughts on “Greener Grass

  1. Some things I never get sick of in Spain – having abuelos and being young and in love. Best of both worlds.

    And, for the record, the press got in a lot of trouble for taking photos of Zapatero’s daughters. That’s when the whole HIJAS GOTICAS DE ZAPATERO movement started! You may have even been here!

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