Walking Towards

People ask, “How do you know?” Well, I knew I liked him, really liked him, in an instant. But how? It’s an easy test.

Call him. Tell him to meet you in a spot, a public one, with lots of people. Agree to meet at a certain time, but go there five minutes after the scheduled meeting time (ten if he tends to run late too). Enter the room (or the plaza, the hall, as the case may be). Locate him. Keep your eyes on him. Try not to smile.

Can you do it? Can you walk toward him, toward this person without a smile creeping, albeit unwittingly, onto your face? Does your pulse quicken (even if just the tiniest bit)? Do you feel more beautiful? Does walking away not even seem like the world’s remotest possibility?

You’ll know.

P.S. Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor is perfect for this test.

One thought on “Walking Towards

  1. The other part of the test:
    while you’re waiting in the agreed spot (if you are a gentlemen and don’t make her wait), you’re nervous looking at the watch every five seconds and checking that the shirt is spotless?; when you see her, your heart start beating so fast that you think is not even healthy? you can’t help smiling?
    If the answer is yes, Congratulations for finding love!

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