Trader Joe’s

This is me very, very happy.

Perhaps it’s odd to you that one of the things I miss most in Spain is a grocery store. But it’s not just any grocery store – oh nooooo, it most certainly is not. Trader Joe’s is so much more. What’s so special about a trader named Joe, you ask? Well, my friend, here’s some facts to help you see why, exactly, I wish Trader Joe would pack up and come to Spain (or perhaps his cousin, Trader José could do so).

  • Trader Joe’s is cheap. Okay, it’s no Wal-Mart, but when you’re trying to find whole wheat, no fillers added bread, its prices aren’t even comparable to Whole Foods (otherwise known as “Whole Paycheck”).
  • Trader Joe’s has fun products. Where else can you find white balsamic vinegar, sunflower seed butter, whole-wheat pizza dough, frozen naan, peanut flour, and $2.99 palatable wine? TJ’s.
  • Trader Joe’s is ethical. It was named one of 2010’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere.
  • Trader Joe’s is good for you. They don’t carry genetically modified foods (otherwise known as GMOs). In 2009, they pledged to use the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program to inform its customers about sustainable seafood.
  • Trader Joe’s coffee is delicious. Also, they have free samples. Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee whilst browsing the food aisles? I certainly love it.
  • Trader Joe’s employees are nice. It probably has something to do with how they’re paid, which is above union-level. They also offer health and dental insurance to part-timers.

I think this video says it pretty well.

I shall miss you, Joe. Until José opens a store in Salamanca, I suppose I’ll just have to stockpile while I can.

4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s

  1. I SO miss ALL grocery stores and restaurants while living in Spain.I am glad you got to pay your favorite a visit! I have never been to Trader Joe’s (I think I’ve been in Spain too long) but have heard so many good things about them.

  2. I miss Trader Joe’s, too! When my mom told me in October that she was sending me a care package, I gave her a list of suggestions to include (and a few that she had to include) – all from TJ’s! When I get home, I’ll definitely be stocking up on my favorites!

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