Dear Spain, Love Me

Dear Spain,

I like you; I really do. But I have some things, let’s call them issues, that I’d like to clear up. Ya know, before things get too serious.

No, I don’t …

  • … like hamburgers or hot dogs.
  • … eat them daily.
  • … shop at the Gap often.
  • … know any celebrities.
  • … live near NYC or LA.
  • … watch football more than once a year.
  • … have a really expensive car.
  • … think the Spanish/European system is inherently better than the US one.
  • … like jamón that much.
  • … like seafood that much.
  • … eat meat at every meal.
  • have a well thought out opinion on your government that I’d be willing to share in front of a classroom.

Yes, I do …

  • … know how to cook.
  • … eat lots of vegetables.
  • … exercise daily.
  • … want to live in the US.
  • … most likely speak Spanish better than you speak English.

Thank you, and have  a super day!



12 thoughts on “Dear Spain, Love Me

  1. Is that your nov in a Cubs hat? Can I love him, too? I got a Derrick Lee (back when he was a Cub) shirt for my boyfriend and he just said, “Oh, yes, like General Lee! Swete home Alabama?” Not a deal breaker…but close!

    1. Sí, más o menos. Se llama “El Espanto de Carbajales” que es, si ya no lo sabes, un pueblo en Zamora. Fui al pueblo de mi novio en septiembre y desde allí fuimos a Carbajales para verlo.

      1. Me recuerda a mi pueblo, Olmedo, en Valladolid. Los encierros en el campo son una pasada, y eso que no me gustan los toros. Pero ver toda la cantidad de coches y todoterrenos por el campo es un espectáculo.

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