Things I Cannot Wait to Eat

Cottage Cheese

      • Cottage cheese. Oh me oh my. I used to hate this food. Do not ask me what I was thinking; I clearly wasn’t. But there’s something about the salty, savory deliciousness of it that I just can’t get enough of. It’s versatile too – you can use it with sweet or savory dishes. In fact, all these things go well with cottage cheese: tomatoes, pineapple, crackers, all and sundry vegetables, salad, bread, plain. You get the picture.


      • Hummus. Okay, I suppose I could make my own, but that would involve buying a jar of tahini (for which I do not have space) and having a better blender. Right now I have a stick blender, otherwise known as an immersion blender, which really just doesn’t cut it.

Chex Mix

      • All things Chex Mix. Honey Nut Chex Mix is like my crack.

Frozen Yogurt

      • Frozen tangy yogurt. I would give a whole lot for the ability to buy my own frozen tangy (NOT vanilla!) yogurt. Trader Joe’s stocks some of the best.
      • Frozen mangoes. I love them like nothing else. I don’t eat them when they are as hard as a rock, just not thawed and slimy.


      • Baby carrots. They’re just so nice to munch on sometimes, ya know?


      • Natural peanut butter. The grind your own kind. I’d also take this food processor so I could make my own. Just sayin’.

Dill Pickles

      • Dill pickles, the kind you buy in the refrigerated section. Crispy, vinegary goodness at its best.
      • Diet Orange Sunkist. Mmmmmm fake sugar.
      • Any and all Mexican food. I have this huge craving for salsa and chips, and wouldn’t mind having a whole basket to myself at Little Mexico.


      • The cereal aisle. Yes, I will eat it all: Cinnamon Life, Peanut Butter Puffins, Honey Nut Chex (there I go again with that honey nut shiz), Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.

Salad Dressing

      • Salad dressing. We just do it right in the U.S. I would go for some Trader Joe’s Spicy Peanut Vinagrette right about now. Or some Champagne Pear goodness.


  • Kashi Crackers. Wheat Thins. Triscuits. Basically any kind of cracker and I’m all over it. (I’m sure some jokes could be made right about now. Bring ’em on!)

I’ve come to the conclusion that I would just like to go to Trader Joe’s and eat the entire store, wine included. Yes? Yes. Countdown: 100 days.

8 thoughts on “Things I Cannot Wait to Eat

  1. So there are a few things while reading this I wanted to tell you – I’ll settle with this comment and you can imagine me saying it.

    -“doesn’t cut it” hahahahaha
    -I was eating chips and salsa while I read this.
    -I would spout a cracker joke but I’m afraid you’d call me racist.
    -100 days, let the countdown begin!!!

  2. Go to the nearest Alcampo! I have nearly all of these things…and am skipping my tostaad this morning for Honey Nut Cheerios! Me and the nov may live farrrrr from civilization, but the Alcampo is next door!

    And Lidl has pickles and such, too.

  3. Frozen yogurt WITH the mango. Oh Ya, I hear you. Sour cream is also on my list. (You can find cottage cheese at Lidl.)

  4. TAKE ME WITH YOU TO TRADER JOE’S!!!!!!! I want pretty much all those same things minus cottage cheese and tex mex. They have “hummus” here but it has fresh cream in it. WTF France, wtf.

  5. Are you going home just for a visit or for the summer? I miss Trader Joe’s SO much, and basically every other food in American. What I would for a big plate of nachos right about now…

  6. You are coming home in 100 days! Yay! Reading your blog made me hungry!! I just wish everything I ate didn’t give me heartburn. Pregnancy has some bummer cons. Miss u!

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