7 Things (Stylish Blogger)

A while back, Laura from The Everyday Life of a a Young American Girl in France tagged me as a Stylish Blogger. I like Laura’s blog because she understands what it’s like to date cross-culturally, having a French boyfriend. She also understands what it’s like to be a foreigner in Europe, although I acknowledge that, yes, Spain and France are quite different.

Here are the rules for being stylish:
1. Link back to the awesome person who gave you the award
2. Tell everyone 7 things about yourself
3. Pass it on to 7 other bloggers!

Well, my friends, you are in luck. I am about to astound you with 7 things you don’t (okay, maybe don’t) know about me. Unless you are my mother and then you are not allowed to play this game.

    1. I hated olives before coming to Spain. Olives are somewhat of an acquired taste and, believe you me, I have acquired it. I love olives: green, black, kalamata, what have you.
    2. I played volleyball until my last year of high school and I still have dreams about playing. I loved playing on a team, the sport in general, and winning. Winning is fun.
    3. I love baking and cooking. I spend a lot of time on Tastespotting and FoodGakwer, looking for new recipes to try out on poor, unfortunate Mario. He hates it!
    4. I love real books, but my Kindle is my new best friend. I read while walking (yes, and it’s not hard!), and thus I can get a lot of reading done during my 20 minute walk to class everyday. So far this year I’ve read at least 15 books, and 2 since Thursday.
    5. Wine and cheese are two of my favorite things and together they can’t be beat. I love tapas bar with the option of just cheese. I could be a vegetarian, but a vegan? That would be way more difficult.
    6. I was once detained in an airport bunker in Madrid, Spain. I’m not scared and I even came back. Take that, airport security!
    7. I try to eat healthily but I love all things carbohydrate: cereal, bread, crackers, bagels—help me Jesus.

My 7 bloggers:

      1. Cat from Sunshine and Siestas. I like Cat’s blog because she’s been through all this before (the Conversation Assistant thing, that is). Also, she too has a Spanish boyfriend and thus understands what the whole lack of a visa situation is like.
      2. Kat from Kat Goes Basque. I think Kat and I share a similar love of cooking/baking, eating, and culinary adventures.
      3. Liz from Elizabeth en España. Liz, you seem fun and carefree, which I’d like to emulate. Carefree is not me. Not yet.
      4. Christine from Christine in Spain. She’s got the whole professional vibe going on, and I love reading about others’ experiences in Spain.
      5. Rea from Not So Spanish. Her pictures are hilarious and her prose is even better. Her North American (okay, so Canadian) perspective is very similar to mine, although Algeciras is a bit different than Zamora!
      6. Brenna from Le Fabuleux Destin de Brenna. She’s a Conversation Assistant in France. I love seeing the differences. Plus, she’s a pretty cool gal.
      7. I will retag Laura from The Everyday Life of a Young American Girl in France. I just like her blog!

Pssst. I hope no one feels obligated to do anything. I just tagged y’all because I like your blogs!

5 thoughts on “7 Things (Stylish Blogger)

  1. I know, that was going to be my comment – I bet Mario loves it! Also, I think you’ll get the carefree thing down.

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