When Parents and Grandparents Hit Spain!

… your parents AND grandparents visiting you in Spain: Segovia, San Sebastián, Salamanca, and Zamora!

My parents and grandparents (mom’s parents) flew into Madrid on Tuesday, April 5, to see me! Oh, and visit Spain. But I like to think I was the primary motivation for the visit. Narcissistic much? Perhaps. We had plans to see a wide swath of Spain, including Madrid, Castile, and the Basque country.

The first day, they arrived without delay. I remark on this because the first time my parents came to see me, back in 2008, they were delayed in Chicago and London. In Chicago, an unruly drunk fellow had to be hauled off the plane, while in London, someone had laid down a suspicious package. I was distraught, but they did arrive. Eventually. This time, there were no problems. God bless direct flights.

It is always weird to see someone out of their normal environment, and with my parents/grandparents, this was no exception. Once you leave the confines of the bizarrely nationally unidentifiable airport, you start to realize, Hey, this is weird. It’s a good weird, though. I started to remember all the things that had once surprised and/or frustrated me, but about which I’d since forgotten. Examples include: absurdly small elevators, the high price of soda, the low price of wine, shops’ opening/closing hours, dos besos, etc. I could go on and on. But I’ll just leave you with some picture collages of the trip!

El Escorial

Segovia, Part 1

Segovia, Part 2

San Sebastián, Part 1

San Sebastián, Part 2


Monte la Reina Winery

Yeah, we had a good time. I loved introducing my non-Spanish speaking parents to Mario’s non-English speaking parents. Believe me, hilarity ensued. We even had a heartfelt, mushy conversation the last night they were here wherein my parents told his how much they appreciated them and vice versa. Cue chorus of awwwws.

It’s mid-April already! Countdown to when I can wish those kids right outta my hair begins…now!

62. How many of those are work days? I don’t know. I’m much too lazy to find that out on my time off.

10 thoughts on “When Parents and Grandparents Hit Spain!

    1. oh yes she was a translator but well paid I might add. Lots of good food and we brought her the requested US items she cannot live without.

  1. Salamanca is one of my favorite cities in Spain – I always think of it as drinks from the afternoon to 10am (yeah, I know, 10am!) and tons and tons of delicious tapas for really affordable prices! Besides, I remember being with a group of girl friends and we got so much food for free…
    One of my best friends is from Salamanca, so I really heart this post :)

  2. Looks like it was a wonderful visit! Now, I’m even MORE excited for my parents to visit me for the first time ever this summer! Love the photo collages too.

  3. All those places look so beautiful that you visited! My parents were just here as well and I totally agree about re-realizing all the things that I once found bizarre about France and now accept as normal.

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