La Brújula

It’s 8 o’clock. How do I know? Well, besides the fact that I’m on my computer and it has a clock. I know because I hear a characteristic beeping sound coming from the bedroom. It’s the…brújula! What is the brújula, you ask? Literally, brújula means compass. It’s a news program and Mario almost never misses an episode when he’s home. The present, Carlos Alsina Álvarez (oooh they share a last name!) always begins the program the same way, “Les voy a decir una cosa…” (I’m going to tell you one thing…”) I suppose for nerds like Mario this is infinitely exciting and not boring in the least. I could make fun of him for this, but I’d be a hypocrite.

You see, I’m just as big of a nerd as he is. I’ll admit it, I listen to NPR podcasts as I run. I read while walking and, no, I do not bump into things. A book is a great companion for my commute. So, I keep my mouth shut. Except when I write snarky blog posts that he reads 5 minutes later from his email.

7 thoughts on “La Brújula

    1. It’s not as though I try to listen to NPR; it’s what I really want to listen to! Seriously! I try to imagine what it would be like to want to listen to music and I can’t….which is why I am such a helpless nerd.

  1. I have to thank my brother, who introduced me to this program. My favorite part is the economy part but I’m usually having dinner while it’s on.
    Thank you for the post. I like being your nerd boy.

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