American Concepts I Have Had to Explain to Mario

Presented without comment.

      • Tailgating.
      • Corn dogs.
      • 4-H Fairs.
      • The meaning of 4/20.
      • Why Super Bowl commercials are funnier than the Super Bowl itself.
      • Why wearing pajama pants to the grocery store is okay.
      • I say grocery store, not supermarket.
      • The relative unpopularity of the Simpsons, as compared to Spain.
      • That guy.

    • Metrosexual.
    • Who Steven Colbert is.
    • Why I hate the so-called word “irregardless.”
    • Why we love to combine celeb couples’ names, e.g., Brangelina.
    • The Internet is a series of tubes.
  • LOL Cats.
  • Why some Americans think Spanish food is spicy.
  • What, exactly, “Spanish rice” is.
  • Hot pockets.

17 thoughts on “American Concepts I Have Had to Explain to Mario

  1. Why Thanksgiving leftovers are better than the dinner itself – a point I had to make when my suegra THREW AWAY THE LEFTOVERS!!!!!!!! I’m still not over it.

    1. we had thanksgiving dinner and my suegra most definitely did not throw out the leftovers. mario had his day after turkey sandwich, thank goodness. he loved it.

    1. i just showed mario a picture and he was like, “wow, that looks good!” i had to explain how it was kinda gross but i could make a homemade version that would be better. he has now made me promise to make him a homemade hot pocket. oh dear.

  2. I remember when the Spanish family I lived with asked me what religion I was. I said “protestante”. They looked at me with a totally straight face and their 20 year old son asked “Qué estás protestando?”. I didn’t know what to say as I did not expect that question. I guess they were used to EVERYONE being catholic.

    1. the kids i teach her sometimes just don’t understand how i can be christian, but not catholic. it boggles their mind.

  3. Kike so liked the idea of tailgating, he decided that our American wedding reception would be a big old tailgate, providedmy father does a kegstand. And he now calls croqetas hot pockets when speaking in English. Hilarious post, K.

  4. I had to explain 4/20 to my French boyfriend as well. Although for some of these FBF was already on top of. Either he’s more American than Mario, OR France is more Americanized than Spain. I wonder which it is? Either way, Great post!

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