European Carry All

European Carry All Seinfeld

First of all, if you don’t watch Seinfeld (and no, I don’t, my dad is just a fanatic), check out this video for further reference.

Please note that this post is chock full of sarcasm. Thank you, and have a nice day.

In the U.S., if you’re a man, you carry a wallet. In your back pocket. That’s the only manly way to do it. Women have purses; men have pockets. All your junk should fit in your pockets (keys, wallet, cell phone), and if it doesn’t, well…tough luck, man. There’s no way you’re carrying a purse. Exceptions can be made for the following items: briefcases if you’re a high powered businessman, messenger bags if you’re a hipster college student, backpacks for all other types of students in high school or college. That’s it. You mustn’t ever (ever!!) wear the dreaded European Carry All, otherwise known as the man purse.

Men (of the U.S.), just don’t do it. Don’t even try to get off with that excuse, “It’s big in Europe.” So what?! So are scarves, and you’re not about to go putting this on, are you?

I mentioned in a previous post that my boyfriend has one and I advised him to wear it in the U.S. I may take that back and, yes, blackmail has been involved, why do you ask? I thought I’d ask him to model it for you all so you can opine as well – yay or nay on the Euro boy purse?

Please vote.

9 thoughts on “European Carry All

  1. Haha, you’re evil for setting him up like this….
    I say, not bad. It’s pretty masculine looking, canvas is always a nice way to go for a man, and it’s a good size so it almost qualifies as a bag. But I’m biased, my boyfriend carries around this orange canvas bag that he got in Mexico and I don’t think twice about it. Of course, it doesn’t go everywhere with him. If he was digging in it for his wallet at the grocery store I might give him a kind of odd look.

    1. Haha he knew I was going to set him up! He approved it! He posed for the pictures. He told me he was “nervous about being on the Internet.” Hahaha!

  2. I don’t think it’s that bad! You can’t even tell he’s wearing anything in the front, and when you look at it, it could almost pass as a camera bag or something. I wouldn’t sweat it unless it was giant and leather and called a ton of attention to him. :)

    Are you moving back to the US with him? I’d be interested in reading a post about your plans!

    1. Haha I don’t think it’s that bad either!

      We want to. He wants to find a job in the U.S., which is (unfortunately) very difficult! I should write a post about it sometime, though; thanks for the idea!

  3. Random reader here to opine, hope you don’t mind.

    First, I wouldn’t call that a purse so much as a backpack with a shoulder strap! Very masculine.

    Here in Japan the men are sometimes as feminine as the women and nobody bats an eye. Purses, satchels, and hand bags abound.

    I happily carry around a purse/ tote here. I will continue to do so, even back in America. I might get beat up, but whisperers be damned (I’m gay anyway)!

    Conclusion: Yay to all useful accessories regardless of sex or gender!

  4. There are bolsos, and then there are bolsazos like the one in the picture. Man purses, should they be used at all (I’m with George Costanza on this one) should be quite small: mobile, wallet, kleenex, y ya está. When it covers both buttocks, it’s too big.

    I’ll try my best to only mention this once, but you’re totally dating John Oliver from The Daily Show.

    I will admit to sometimes wishing I had a little bag to carry my things, but as long as my kid forces me to have a stroller everywhere (wonderful always-have-a-bag convenience!) I think I’ll pass on the man-purse.

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