Observations Upon My Return


  • Toilet bowls have lots of water. It strikes me as wasteful, but is it?
  • Light switches are more easily found.
  • There are way too many options on restaurant menus.
  • It’s nice for people to get my culture references. My boyfriend may speak English, but sometimes lacks in the culture reference department.
  • The wine here is noticeably more expensive for the same quality.
  • Portion sizes are huge.
  • Free refills are really appreciated.
  • My fridge keeps things way colder. The fruit hurts my teeth.
  • My family likes things piping hot, and it’s weird.
  • Green grass and trees right outside my house is refreshing.
  • It’s so quiethere. No drills, loud neighbors, shouting Carrefour clientele.
  • Waiters and waitresses are eerily polite.
  • My bed here is really comfortable. I missed it.
  • It’s so dang humid. Welcome back to sticky heat.
  • My family is the best.

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