That Time We Went to London

…and walked approximately seventy bajillion miles. I wonder how much that is in kilometers?

Right before I left Spain, Mario and I took a jaunt via EasyJet to a little city called London. Heard of it, have you? Did you know it rains? A lot? That’s what I told Mario when he commented, rather gloomily, that rain was in the forecast. “Dear, didn’t you know? In England, it rains.” I’m okay with that. That’s why God invented rubber galoshes (although I had no room for them) and cute rain coats. Thank goodness He’s smarter than I am.

We left very early – ahem, 7:40 AM – from the Madrid airport and, after a 2.5 hour-long flight, we landed in Gatwick airport, a short 30 minute train ride from the city center. Mario was excited to get a Lamborghini hire in London, and I must admit, I was giddy upon seeing my first true Englishman with a tweed coat and hat, who talked about giving his friend a “ring” later. He looked a bit like this:


But cuter. I’m fond of old men in most countries and I can’t really decide if I prefer my Spanish abuelos who walk around the city with their hands clasped behind their backs or my English professorial grandfathers, who probably smoke a nice pipe in the comfort of their rather posh Oxford flat.

Anyway. London is huge and there are so many things to see, and see them we did. Mario is notorious for his mercilessness with regards to bitter cold and, now I know, walking long distances. My feet were threatening to fall off, but did we stop? No, unless you count meals, and even then only briefly.

LondonAbove, you will see me in a typical phone booth, Parliament, Trafalgar square, the London eye and Westminster Abbey.

London1Above you will see: Covent Gardens, Platform 9 3/4, the British museum, Guinness tasting (and mustaches!) and, of course, tea pouring by my lovely boyfriend.

London2Above you will see, Buckingham palace, a pub, London by night, and Regent Street.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget Hyde Park (London’s Central Park) or Harrods.

We also ate an incredible place called Hummus Bros, whose motto is “Give (Chick)Peas a Chance.” They’re all about “feeding you homemade hummus with mouth watering toppings, scooped off your own individual bowl with warm pitta bread, and accompanied by refreshing salads and juices.” Mario and I both had the hummus bowl with vegetable salad. I got a side of tabbouleh and sparkling water. He had ginger mint lemonade, which he loved.


Above picture: my food and me, happy as a clam.

If you like: rain with intermittent sunshine, British accents, tons of things to see, great food, and beer (not wine), London is the place for you! Just get some pounds sterling first.

10 thoughts on “That Time We Went to London

  1. Sounds fun! I really want to go to London, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Sounds like Bilbao with all the rain! Wellies are a necessity!

  2. I’m not sure how I missed that mustache picture of Mario but that little tiny one is cracking me up!

    1. Days Hotel London Waterloo
      54 Kennington Road,
      London,GB,SE1 7BJ

      Other recommendations: Green Man Pub and Zoo Bar!

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