The Secret

No, I’m not talking about the book. I’m talking about the secret to getting comments/views. If we’re honest with ourselves, we bloggers love comments. I know I do. I get a fair amount of views – nothing huge, mind you – but few comments. A lot of those are from my friends, blogging or otherwise. I think many read and do not comment. Some posts get more comments than others, though. Why is that? Well, in my blog’s case, there are a few things that generate more comments than others…

  1. Posting lists. People love lists. How to Dress Like a Spaniard, My Top 10 Myths About Spain, 15 Rules to Thrive in Spain – all have generated many comments and views.
  2. Photos. People prefer posts with photos. Ooooh, shiny!
  3. Siesta. On WordPress, you can see the search terms people use to find your blog and my top search term is consistently “siesta.” I guess people like napping, and I can’t say that I find that off-putting. Who doesn’t love a good siesta after a filling Spanish lunch with lots of delicious red wine? Not me, my friend, not me.
  4. Mario. I kinda hate to admit this, most of all in a public forum, but posting about my bilingual relationship gets way more comments/views than normal. What gives, people? Are you trying to hint at me that you like him more than me? Seriously? He says “Espain” and talks with an adorable accent, I get it. But I’m the protagonist of this blog…well, I thought I was anyway.
  5. Food. People like to eat. As for this one, I’m totally on board. Spanish food is awesome, and if you think it’s just like it is in the tapas bars, you’re wrong. My Spanish almost-mother-in-law is probably the best cook in all of Spain, and na na na boo boo, she cooks for me. For free. Pepita, if you could understand this, I’d tell you I miss your lentejas terribly. I would definitely hire you to cook for me if a) I could afford it, and b) you would actually move here, which you never would, since you’re pretty damn popular in good old Zamora.
Oh, and here’s a picture. Just to keep you entertained.
Wine tasting in Zamora with my dad (left), Mario’s dad, and me.

14 thoughts on “The Secret

  1. Hello Kaley!

    Gurrrrl, I read every single post. Every post. I love the humor, the candid postings, the unique perspective, the pictures and most of all, your willingness to just be out there for others (like me!) to learn from. When I open my inbox and there’s a message for a new post, my day gets a little bit better! Keep it up! PS- your Spanish mother-in-law sounds AHmazing!

  2. My most popular posts are ones about FBF as well! People love reading about other people’s relationships.

    Also, I second Brenna. Your leeway into the picture made me laugh.

  3. My top 10 list about Germany is still my most-read blog post of all time…by several thousand views.

    And I am glad you didn’t include the question in bold as a way to get more comments. I actually saw a blog yesterday that pretty much asked, “What was your favorite part about this blog post?” Ahhhh, no.

    Funny things, pictures of booze and juicy details about your sex life will keep me coming back every time.

  4. Totally with you on loving comments – not even sure why I like them so much! I’ve had an increase in views lately – I think partly from commenting on other blogs – it’s definitely addicting!

  5. Are those spit sinks in the photo?

    One thing you learn from blogging is how important it is to comment on blogs that you like, since you know what a reward it is to the blogger.

  6. Can’t tell from my side about the boyfriend part… but people DO love gossip and food – lately, my food posts are the ones with most comments! (wonder if I should switch from travel blog to food blog….)

  7. I agree with everything you said- people love to comment on love, food and animals! our animal posts are our biggest hits!

  8. I love your sense of humor and you have a great entertainment factor. I don’t comment very often, but I love your posts and hope you keep writing.

  9. Just found your blog (fellow expat here, holler) and am very much looking forward to getting stuck in! Must agree with Marie, above: hate hate hate when bloggers do the question-in-bold thing. Love the gossip and food, like everyone else!

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