You Asked For It

One of the top search terms for my blog is: happy couples. (Also: pictures of happy couples, images of happy couples.) You asked for it, you got it:

(All synonyms stolen from Picked for their slight amusingness.)


“Can’t Complain”

“Flying high”


“Tickled pink”

“Walking on air”



“On cloud nine”


Wait, what?

I hope you are happy. You did ask for it.

13 thoughts on “You Asked For It

    1. On WordPress, it’s through the Dashboard. There’s an area called “site stats.” I’m not sure how it works for Blogspot. Maybe you can use Google analytics? We can’t on WordPress, though.

  1. You know what’s funny? I think you have more photos on this blog of you and Mario than I have after four years with Kike. He HATES having his picture taking, so I tend to spare him the agony of showing his teeth (and they’re not bad teeth!)

    1. Hahaha. Well, I do know that Mario didn’t like having his picture taken before; he never smiled. Now he does. I love pictures of us so he indulges me.

  2. Love all the photos. What a beautiful couple. Question! How much taller are you than Mario? Or is it because you are wearing heels? I’ve pretty much come to terms with the fact that if I want to eventually have a relationship with a Spaniard, he’ll be shorter than me! (I’m 5’11)….how has that been? I know it’s a random question, but us tall girls now how it is!

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