Sorry to get all meta on you, but life’s tough. Suck it up.

My dear mother asked me an intriguing question the other day regarding blogging, about whether I ever think about what I will leave behind, what I’ll be known for. I said yes and no; I do think about whether other people see now, but I don’t think so much about what people in the future might think about my blog, or my Pinterest, or my Facebook account. So, I got to thinking. (I do that sometimes.)

Blog – I hope that people would think I was intelligent and my writing didn’t suck or have copious amounts of grammatical errors. I hope! It would be great if they though I was eloquent from time to time and that I expressed my thoughts in a coherent manner. Maybe they would even think that my boyfriend and I were a cute couple. I know I do.

I started blogging because I was going to Spain and it was a good way to communicate with friends/family back home without emailing all the time. I found a community (of sorts) with other auxiliares, expats, and travel bloggers. I have really come to enjoy blogging, sharing experiences, and commiserating with my fellow expats or former expats (I guess now I am a former).

Nowadays I blog because I love writing and sharing, getting feedback, and seeing what I can accomplish. My family tends to encourage me, so I keep at it. I don’t know exactly what my purpose is, but I like it for now, so I’ll keep chugging on.

Facebook – I think people would think that, compared to some of my friends, I don’t have that many tagged pictures, at least as compared to my peers and the length of time I’ve been on Facebook (since 2005!). (I’m a detagger; I readily admit it.) I am a big opponent of the cryptic status update, so I’d be pleased if they could find no evidence of such passive aggressive behavior. Maybe they’d think I’d lived a fun life, full of traveling, friends, family, and beauty. I believe my life to have been blessed.

Pinterest – They would probably think (with good reason!) that I like quotes made to look pretty, vegetables, delicious cocktails, dresses, and flats. Oh, how I love a good pair of flats. Also, it only looks this way, but I can’t deny the evidence: I”m a typical girl who plans her wedding without being engaged. And no, I’m not desperate to get married. I just like pretty flowers and buffets with gorgeous looking food!

All in all, I hope to come off as a nice, caring, intelligent, sometimes insightful individual. However, who knows, really?

What about you, dear readers? What sort of Internet legacy do you wish to leave? Is that the legacy that you are, indeed, leaving? What do you wish to accomplish with your blog? Do you think you’re accomplishing that?

11 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. I’ve enjoyed sharing/comparing our Spain experiences and you definitely have skill writing-wise!

    Also TOTALLY with you on cryptic facebook statuses/twitter updates. That is probably one of my biggest pet-peeves, I’ll never get why someone would make their status “lots on my mind today” or the ever-annoying: “sad…”

  2. I’m pretty sure I come across as a sarcastic, nervous bitch, but I just try not to think about it. Denial!

    Also, I love that you commented on the cryptic status updates. Melodramatic song lyrics are my favorite among these, but there’s nothing like a good old fashioned, “Wow, sum people r just jerks & r gunna get what’s comming 2 them sumday soon…………..” on Facebook.

  3. i’m a detagger too, i don’t facebook to know everything i do, and i don’ta have too many pics and stuff… for the same reason.
    my blog will be my poor legacy but i don’t really care. maybe i’ll “close” it once i get too old… but if i die unexpectedly, i hope someone does it for me. wow, that’s a creepy subject :S

  4. I haven’t really ever thought of this despite having blogged for almost 10 years.

    I think with my blog, I’d hope people found my stories about life as a young Chicana interesting, educational and relatable. I also hope that I might inspire some people to be active in their communities or to pursue higher education. I don’t think too much about Tumblr. For some reason, I don’t think it’ll be around that much longer. As for FB, I would hope I don’t have too many inane photos or status updates about running what I had for dinner.

  5. For the record Kaley, I think your internet legacy reflects an intelligent, genuine, kind woman…with a little bit of sass, which I just love! And yes, I do think you and your boyfriend are an adorable couple!

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