Welcome to the Midwest!

No, it’s not Mario’s first visit to the Midwest. He’s been here twice before. Nonetheless, he was introduced to some very American/Midwestern tradition: tailgating, football, and IU basketball.With our food: veggies/dip, cheese ball and crackers, cookies (peanut butter and chocolate chip), pork sandwiches, etc.

Crazy hair. I know.

No, we didn’t win. But who cares about football (or, as Mario calls it, American rugby)?

We later went to the annual Cream vs. Crimson scrimmage, which was way more fun to watch. After all, we are a basketball state – always have been, always will be.

15 thoughts on “Welcome to the Midwest!

  1. So much fun yesterday! Love the picture of you drinking your Bloody Mary! And you and Mario in front of the field. =)

  2. YES YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED!!!! I will get the Kikster to an American football game no matter what! His plans for our time in Phoenix and Vegas over Christmas? Well, he’s only requested going to a shooting range and seeing the Grand Canyon. aim low, Mr. Soldier Boy, aim low.

    1. Hahahaha! Mario was very willing to attend. Also, he saw tailgating on, you guessed it, The Simpsons!

      I love that he requested to go to a shooting range. Hahahaha.

  3. You’ve highlighted the aspect I miss MOST of American culture – our particular style of outdoor eating, meaning barbeques and tailgating, ‘dogs and burgers and brats, a cooler spilling over with seasonal longnecks, and corn on the friggin’ cob.

  4. Oh lord. Bloody Mary’s are my favorite drink EVER (I’m an old woman at heart) and now I am craving one like crazy!

    Glad that you are having a good time with your boo!

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