Try Dating a Spaniard

You got problems, I got answers.

  • Does your Spanish need improving? Try dating a Spaniard. They espeak the espainish and they can help. All they have to do is open their mouths and start talking. Simple. Easy. Plus, they have may sexy accents. Score!

  • Does your boyfriend wear jorts? Try dating a Spaniard. They do have impeccable style. My previous post was more about women’s fashion, but…Spanish men, at least the ones I know, know how to dress. Thank you, God.
  • Does your boyfriend’s idea of cooking include Easy Mac? Try dating a Spaniard. Mine’s specialty is arroz con leche (rice pudding) and it is divine. I’ll do a recipe post sometime. He also makes lentejas. The first time I went to his apartment in Salamanca he made me a two course meal, which, of course, knocked me off my feet. Swoon.
  • Do you hate spending vacations in Florida? Try dating a Spaniard. Instead, you can spend summers in el pueblo (the village) where there is exactly one café and no supermarkets. You can sit around and chew the fat, eat until you need to echarte una siestecita, and take long nightly walks. It’s the life. I swear.
  • Do you want to make others curious about your life? Try dating a Spaniard (or, okay, any foreigner I suppose). People tell me that they are curious about Mario and me. They want to know what language we speak, where we want to live, what Mario thinks of the States, what I think of Spain, how do we make this LDR thing work, etc. I mean, if you like that kind of thing, you should try it. I don’t know if I like it always, but sometimes I do. Plus, it gives me blog fodder.
  • Do you want to have the best wedding “reception” ever? Try dating a Spaniard. Okay, so I’m not married or engaged, but I have been to Spanish wedding “receptions” and they are much more fun than U.S. ones. Goodbye, punch and cake. Hello, five course meal, great wine, dancing, raucous laughter, and eardrum-shattering shouts of “¡Vivan los novios!” (Long live the bride and groom!) I Internet know a few people married to Spaniards (Erin, Eric, Hayley), and I think they would concur.

Oh, so yeah, I tried dating one. His name is Mario and, contrary to popular belief, he is not an Italian plumber with a penchant for mushrooms and throwing fireballs when he’s angry. Oddly enough, his penchant is for desserts. A sweeter tooth was never to be found than the one he’s got! (Okay, maybe his dad wins this one.)

In all seriousness, I want to make a disclaimer: by no means do I think all American guys wear jorts and live on Easy Mac. Au contraire, I know this is not so. In the same way, not all Spaniards are sophisticated. The odd Spanish mullet proves this point. (See also: rat tails.) But it is kind of funny and I think I’m pretty lucky to have tried dating a Spaniard, even if I didn’t think of these reasons until two years later.

¡Hasta la próxima!

26 thoughts on “Try Dating a Spaniard

  1. ^ what Irene said. My “Try Dating a Spaniard” list would probably look much different—”Do you have a skewed understanding of monogamy? Try dating a Spaniard!”—but really, I’m happy to see the people who make it work. I have come to feel that successful, happy, healthy relationships between American girls & Spanish men are the exception, not the rule, but I’m also absurdly cynical. To be fair, that’s probably the case in all relationships—the successful, happy and healthy ones are harder to find.

    1. well all couples are happy and healthy at the beginning… some of them last some don’t… so they weren’t happy and healthy in the end! I don’t think it’s about nationalities (American girl, Spanish guy… viceversa or whatev.) although cultures are very important in the couple definition I think it’s more about the people themselves and the way they see the relationship.

  2. oh you two crazy kids, so adorable, so in love. i think i need to write a counterpost, how to love your spaniard after the honeymoon period :) broma. glad you guys are having/had? such a great visit!

  3. Great post idea. I was blissfully ignorant of the word “jorts” until I read this.

    I will say that my fashion sense has greatly improved since acquiring (being acquired by?) a Spanish wife.

  4. Love this post idea! I feel like Spanish and French men are pretty similar (or at least your boyfriend and my boyfriend are) as I can relate to a lot of these things! Just change Spanish stuff to French stuff and we’re golden, haha.

  5. Nice post! While I agree that it´s the people involved in the relationship that matters, cultural differences do count too. I have to be busy busy all the time and find time spent in el pueblo, any pueblo, with that one-bar syndrome you describe so well, has me reaching for the jamón knife with which to slay myself and get the tedium over with for good. My husband, who´s not a lazy person, can do the sitting about thing, or would if I didn´t always have to waste it for him by coming up with some exhausting plan of some kind. In short, that “pasar la mañana” or “pasar la tarde” drives me absolutely nuts.

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