Go For It!

When I started blogging, it was when I went off to college and mainly for my family. I wasn’t a very good blogger – I think the blog ended in its first semester. I got sporadic emails from my parents and other relatives urging me to blog, but honestly, I couldn’t be bothered. I was too busy causing mayhem in the dorms. Duh.

I started again when I went to Spain. I don’t even remember anything about this blog. It must have been bad. I wasn’t into it and didn’t think my life was “interesting enough” to blog about. I must not have understood blogging because I now think of interesting in a very different light.

My last blogging attempt finally “stuck,” if you will.

Although the header of my blog is outdated (An American Girl in Spain), I still blog. I still feel like people care and I, in turn, care about them. This is why I’d recommend it to anyone.

I also recommend snow angels.

Benefits of blogging:

  • “Meeting” and actually meeting other bloggers – Seriously, a lot of bloggers are really damn cool. Plus, they share your experience and, in small town, Indiana that’s not likely. Blogging can introduce you to some really cool people.
  • “Meeting” other non-bloggers – I often get emails from people who are considering a move to Spain or starting a blog or dating a Spaniard or learning a new language. I love this! Please, please, please email me because I love hearing from you.
  • Learning new things – If not for certain bloggers, I would never have known about certain travel web sites, the availability of oatmeal in Spain, or how to empadronarme. Thanks.
  • Not feeling alone – It’s easy to think you’re the only one who has ever struggled with a certain issue (a bilingual relationship, distance, bureaucracy, etc.), but it’s not true. I now know so many people that have undergone the same things as I have.
  • Entertainment factor – It’s fun to read new expats’ blogs and realize, hey, I’ve been there! And I can help! Also, pretty pictures. Who doesn’t like those?

What about you? Why do or don’t you blog?


11 thoughts on “Go For It!

  1. I totally feel like my blog attempt this time around “stuck” too. It’s great getting to meet other bloggers, and have the feeling you’re not just writing for yourself.

  2. I blog because I am a fantastic narcissist and I like the idea of having a presence on the internet.

    I had a couple of failed blogging attempts before this one, which is probably now also in danger of petering out.

  3. I love the community of bloggers, just like you said! I also love when people email me asking about Lille or moving to France. I love the emails. Plus I like to write.

  4. ;) We follow you because you are.. ¡Qué narices, en español! Te seguimos en twitter y aquí porque eres divertida y porque a) si esperas a que te lo lleve tu chico es que eres una campeona; b) si sigues esperando a que te lo lleven y sabes que tenemos distribuidor por ahí (prometido) es que en realidad eres una romántica incurable, lo cual nos encanta; y c) nos escribes para contarnos que tu chico ¡¡¡¡se te ha declarado!!!!! (chico listo). Tenemos que seguir tu blog para saber qué pasa. Queremos fotos de la boda que vemos que va a ser con convite, cena, vinos (sea el nuestro u otro te querremos igual) y baile. !Que lo disfrutes como la campeona que eres! Un saludo enorme.

  5. I can’t help but feel this may be a little directed at me since I’ve shared with you my anxiety about this issue :P Any tips on how to actually get started (i.e. setting up a page?)

  6. I love your snow angel picture!
    I blog to keep in touch with family and friends and let them know what I’m up. Sometimes I feel it’s only my mom who reads but that’s ok. In the end, it will be great to have my stories in writing. Some times I feel my blog posts aren’t that great (or they were better when I was in Africa) but thats ok.

    I have yet to meet any bloggers in person but hope too. There are quite a few awesome Spanish blogs out there.
    Blogs are so much fun.

  7. Great post! I can totally relate. I love, love LOVE blogging and writing…specifically about travel. I started my blog when I went to teach English in Spain last year, and now that I am back in the states, I’ve been struggling to keep up with it. I still want to write about travel, because that’s what I feel most passionate about. But I’ve been finding this is much harder to do when you work a 40+ hr/week desk job and don’t live in Europe. Anyway…I’m determined…I officially bought my own domain name today! Seems like I should have done that a LONG time ago but hey…baby steps, right?

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