Back in Town

While Mario’s back in Spain, I’ve made a move myself—to Bloomington!


Bloomington, as described by Business Week, is the “quintessential college town.” It’s a small town, main up of mainly undergraduates and grad students. Home to IU basketball, a Tibetan cultural center and dozens of ethnic restaurants, it’s a great place to be if you’re in Indiana.

It’s also where I went to college. I even got a degree!

I love it. I’m all moved in and ready to start a new job on Monday as an editor. You know, what I do for fun. It should be a pretty good job. Not to mention, one of my favorite people works there!

Hilary! (Or as my dad likes to call her, “Hills”!) We were roommates in college and, although a few inches shorter and way more outgoing, we’re similar – like good food, dancing, chatting, and both our significant others are foreign (hahaha)! Two peas in a pod, I tell ya.

The nice new apartment and being closer to Hilary all make the sting of Mario leaving a bit less painful. Not much, but still.

Any little bit helps.

Hey, when are you coming back? Any time now, any time now.

14 thoughts on “Back in Town

  1. Felicidades on moving to a new place and your new job! I’m impressed with your long distance relationship as I know it’s not easy. I set off to Spain with a long distance relationship and 5 weeks in my now ex decided he didn’t want to be in a long relationship. Came as a surprise to me bc 9 months is long but NOT that long.

    It really takes 2 to be willing to go the distance (pun intended) to make it work. Congrats to both of you for making it work!

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