Urban Dictionary and the Bilingual Relationship

A lot of the times I talk with Mario, I have to look up something on WordReference, whether it be translating something to Spanish while we’re speaking Spanish or translating something he’s said into English because, seriously, wtf did you just say?

I often end up directing him to Urban Dictionary for any and all slang definitions. In the past, I’ve directed him to it for the following definitions:

How did I find all these? I looked them up in GChat, so you know they’re legitimate. I seriously had all these conversations with Mario. It’s fine; he’s learning exactly what Shit Girls Say.


But one of the best ones came today. We were chatting like normal, sharing stupid videos, and being all mushy. (We’re good at all of those.) Then, out of almost nowhere, Mario shares something.

Mario:my brother learnt the phrase “get loose” de la canción


Mario:porque apareció en un capítulo de…

me: TBBT? [Side note: TBBT = The Big Bang Theory, a show with which Mario is obsessed.] omg you have me dying. i want to remember that always.


The Simpsons

me:“my brother learnt the phrase ‘get loose’ de la canción.” i am writing that down

Mario:I have just realized why you are dying

I mixed Espainish and Engrish without knowing

is that it?

me:no. it’s just hilarious that your brother learned that phrase.

THAT phrase

Mario:oooh. doesn’t it mean “relax” or something similar?



see #2

Mario: ooh

So, another perk of dating a foreigner. Your Tuesday night GChat sessions might just turn out with a lesson on the phrase “get loose.”

Plus or minus? You be the judge.

**Stuff Mario Says titled as it is because my mother reads this blog.

6 thoughts on “Urban Dictionary and the Bilingual Relationship

  1. love this post – and shit girls say! I read “no dice” on first glance like it was written in Spanish…and I kept thinking why would THAT be on urban dictionary?

  2. Shit girls say is hilarious, and true… Although, tell Mario not to feel bad because I had to look up natch, dagnabbit, and fogey. I’m sure there’s some Northeast/Philly slang that might not be so common in other places: jawn, hoagie, “yah mean”, mac machine, pockabook, jimmies (just to think of a few).

  3. Hilarious. I can imagine some of my Spanish friends saying “get loose” and it makes me want to call them and teach it to them right now.

    I don’t know that us Floridians have many sayings…but I have tried many a time to teach the Spanish “that’s what she said” and it was nearly impossible. They just don’t think it’s that funny. One day I’ll find someone who gets it!

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