Friday Five–Spain

I’m feeling a bit lazy, so here’s a roundup of five recent blog posts I’ve found entertaining / funny / enlightening / an amalgam of the three.

1. Papa Americano – In this post, Erik talks about his ringtone (“We No Speak Americano” by Yolanda Be Cool) and why it fascinates his daughter, Nora. Erik lives in Colindres in the north of Spain with his wife and, of course, Nora – the cutest bilingual toddler you’ll see today.


2. Trullas, Aguinaldos, and Villancicos, Oh My! – This post, by Ashlee, is about Christmas in Puerto Rico – and how they do it better. Any Christmas that involves la playa is fine by me. (I hate cold weather.) Oh, and she gets listed in the Spain category because she spent a year in Galicia teaching English and still gets a lot of practice speaking Spanish in Puerto Rico.

3. 10 Travel Spain Blogs to Watch in 2012Will is a prolific blogger and who “left his 9-5 London lifestyle in [the] last half of 2011 to learn Spanish to fluency and figure out what to see in Spain while living on the cheap.” His blog, My Spanish Adventure, is just that, but not without keeping it real.

4. Not Hemingway’s Spain – Basically, if you want to know about Spain, read this whole website. I’ve already bookmarked a few entries (on jamón, soccer, and the lottery) so that my relatives can get to know Spain better without me having to yammer on for half an hour.


5. Happy Holidays from Me & The Glutton ClubMarti Kilpatrick is a writer and cook living in San Sebastían, Spain. She gets to see a lot of restaurant life from the inside and where better to be but the restaurant capital of the world?In this video, she and her friends at The Glutton Club make American-style cookies. Who can help but love them? She has a great feature, Tapa Tuesdays, in which she features a new pintxo. And in San Sebastían, there is always something new to eat.


Happy reading!

15 thoughts on “Friday Five–Spain

  1. Screenshots of the video players. Interesting trick!

    Muchas gracias for the linky love. I hope you will be buying and eating grapes at one or both midnights. When I was in England, the Spaniards I partied with streamed the campanas from Plaza Mayor for their 11 PM (GMT) grape munching.

  2. Discovered you through Will’s post about awesome Spain bloggers, and glad I did! I’m heading out there in a few days and will now use your blog as last minute research :)

  3. Thank you Kaley! This was really quite kind of you. (It made my day.) And I agree with Will, you most certainly deserve to be on a top list for Spain, too. Have a wonderful holiday break! I look forward to following your posts in the new year!

  4. Thanks for the mention!!! And regarding your above comment, the auténtico Puerto Rico is where it’s at, I’d be glad to show you around if you ever make it down here! Best wishes for 2012!

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