Facts about Mario

  • Mario’s initials are MAR, which in Spanish means “sea,” whereas in English it means “disfigure.” I prefer the former definition.
  • Mario has three degrees: translation, law, and business.
  • Mario is a bad ass. As translated by Google Translator, he is a “culo mal.” (I once looked at how Google translated my blog. I had said “you’re a bad ass.” Google translated that as “usted es un culo mal.”
  • Mario is not the typical Spaniard in that:
    • he drinks tea, not coffee.
    • he doesn’t siesta.
    • he speaks English really well. (Sorry if that’s offensive, but I’ve found the average Spaniard’s English skills to be not that high. Remember, I did work in a Spanish high school.)
    • he doesn’t like staying out late.
  • Mario is a fan of a good tonic water, with or without gin.
  • Mario’s least favorite thing he ate in the USA was a marshmallow.
  • Mario was very excited to see the following things in the States:
    • a yellow school bus
    • a mailbox
    • a raccoon
    • skyscrapers
  • As well as English and Spanish, Mario speaks German and French.
  • Mario’s mother and aunt are tied for the best cooks in Zamora. That’s just a fact.
  • IT’S HIS BIRTHDAY. He’s old. Wish him a happy birthday!

I hope you all enjoyed my #factsaboutMario. I realize this isn’t Twitter, but I say someone doing that for their friend’s birthday on Twitter, and I liked it. Unfortunately, Mario will never ever have Twitter, so I had to do it on my blog.

19 thoughts on “Facts about Mario

  1. Thank you!
    Reg of The Spain Scoop, you’re right, she meant I was excited to see the following things in the States. Actually there are so many things I find fascinating about the States, but those four things are particularly appealing, I would even say, mesmerizing.

  2. Marshmallow? Did you slip one in between graham crackers and chocolate, and then melt it over a fire? I just can’t believe someone wouldn’t go for a marshmallow then.

    You could also try the marshmallow guns that shoot them around.

    Feliz cumple Mario,

  3. ¡Feliz cumple, Mario! (aunque sea dos días tarde)

    Mario seems like a studious guy with all those degrees. It’s not wonder he’d apply himself to learning another language too.

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