Things in America Making Me Fat

A list:

  • My car.
  • Ketchup, the kind with high-fructose corn syrup.
  • Cable television.
  • Having to drive to work.
  • Ease of parking.
  • Central heating: it make me very warm inside and very cold outside; thus, I do not leave the house
  • Pretzels
  • Having to “cook” for myself a.k.a. making myself a bowl of cereal. And then refilling it twenty times.
  • Sitting all day long instead of standing and yelling at high school kids. I think the whole yelling thing burns at least ten calories per hour
  • I don’t pasear, especially in the winter.
  • Expensive produce–apples are $2.00 per pound, whereas in Spain they were like 50 céntimos per kilo.
  • Coffee creamer.

I just felt like saying that I hate it when people say all Americans are fat due to fast food. I never (okay, hardly ever) eat fast food, and America is still making me fat. How does s/he do it? It’s a conspiracy, I tell you.


22 thoughts on “Things in America Making Me Fat

  1. OMG! I moved to LA last year and I gained like 6 pounds because I HAVE TO DRIVE EVERYWHERE! Well, with the new year I got a new apartment that is in close proximity to a lot of places so I can ACTUALLY WALK – It makes me feel so good when I walk places instead of drive! I have also decided that I am going to stand more so I got a desk to put on top of my desk so that I can use my computer while STANDING! It’s working well, as a matter of fact, I am standing right now! :) Standing is a lot better for your posture too and obviously burns more calories that sitting! lol. I also go to Trader Joes to get a lot of my produce; it’s actually crazily inexpensive over there! If you have one near you, definitely venture in!

  2. Add more to the list:

    Gyms and pools you have to pay to use
    Non pedestrian friendly neighborhoods
    Fear of harassment from drivers, passersby, gawkers if exercising outdoors

    I don’t really buy the expensive produce argument if it’s not organic and from a high end grocery store. A pound of apples is usually 3 or 4, depending on the size. That’s a better price than buying a bag of chips for 99 cents.

    1. I’m comparing it to Spain, where I’d get so much more for my money! And I am probably the greatest consumer of vegetables, so it doesn’t mean I don’t buy them; I just whine more about it. :)

  3. Actually, I feel like the ONE thing I like more about being in the US now is having access to healthier foods! Yes, it’s super expensive…like my grocery budget is probably triple what I was spending in Spain. But my meals are more creative now! I honestly only ate 3 things while I lived in Spain; pasta, eggs and tuna. I love going to the grocery store now and having a choice with everything I buy…definitely was not the case for me in Spain. But yeah, I definitely can’t buy an entire pineapple for 1 euro anymore :(

    1. That’s true, too. Especially coming from a smaller town, there’s so much more variety in the U.S. I would miss my crazy co-ops with freshly made sushi and bulk bins of grains. :)

  4. I think it’s the car thing as far as what makes you fat in the US vs Spain. And the weather! I am from Oregon, who wants to stroll in the rain? Not me. Today in Barcelona it’s cold, but there’s not a cloud in the sky!

    1. I agree with this. When I moved back home from Madrid, I lived in New York City and did not get fat (I did as much walking there as I had in Madrid). It wasn’t until I moved to the ‘burbs that I packed on the kilos.

  5. lucky me! ;)
    i think the main problem is the CAR whereas here we walk a lot in comparison. and you need to get moving from the warmth of your house sometimes ;)

    1. I think sometimes Europeans don’t recognize the necessity of the car. Walking to my workplace would involve walking along two major highways and would take an hour! I wish I could walk more; really, I do!

  6. Usually in the US I’ve always been very busy– working a lot, in school, etc. Lack of free time to exercise is definitely something that always left me heavier than I wanted to be! But now this is happening even in Spain– I’ve gained a lot of weight since starting my day job, as I lost any free time to go running and work all the time. Add that to trying to run 2 food related blogs and I have a problem! Oh well, but just know it can happen here too! :)

  7. Thats just it! It’s the life style, though the fast food does make it worse. Having children makes it harder. You can’t go for a jog or other stuff like that, because you can’t leave them alone and taking them with you is even harder. You also don’t want to have free weights or tredmills around, because they get hurt on them. I know these are excuses, but it is hard sometimes!

  8. I don’t know what it is about Spain, but it just changes your mentality about all the stuff that you just described. Sure, it might be 0 degrees outside, but you gotta go for un paseo!

  9. Love this post. I am bound and determined not to pack on the pounds. I am trying to exercise more… now that I am driving and not walking everywhere. But I think I view myself differently in the U.S. vs Spain. I am more critical. No bueno. But oh how my food budget has doubled – at least!

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