Hotels Worth Remembering

Oftentimes, we don’t think too much about the hotels we stay in. They’re a place to rest, a warm bed, a hot shower, perhaps a place for free breakfast? (One can only hope.) Nonetheless, there a few that stick out in my mind:

The Hotel Bloom in Brussels. Brussels itself was bitterly cold at the end of January 2011, but this hotel was bright, modern, cheery, and had the comfiest beds ever.


A hotel near a beach in the province of Granada, from which I hardly got any enjoyment (due to sun poisoning!) even though this was my view:

Almuñécar Granada

The Eagle’s Nest in Indianapolis where we ate while rotating around in the sky:

The Poet’s Hostel in Lisbon, the most fun hostel I’ve been to:

Lisbon Poet's Hostel

The Sheraton Hotel where Mario was fascinated by Chicago’s skyscrapers.

And who can forgot “Hostal Mario,” for which a cranky Spanish lady felt the need to tell us that Mario wasn’t allowed to run a business out of his apartment (when in reality, it was a joke—my brother and his friend were staying there)?

So, tell me, what have been some of your most memorable hotel stays?

12 thoughts on “Hotels Worth Remembering

  1. My favorite hotel ever was Hotel Pasquale in Cinque Terre, Italy. It is located in the village of Monterosso. It was amazing to fall asleep and wake up to the Mediterranean waves. We had an amazing view, the service was great, breakfast was delicious, and they had laundry services!! I would drop of my clothes and come back to the room with clean, neatly folded clothes.
    This little town was recently ravaged by a flood and I hope to visit again to help support their economy but this is the town where I fell in love with Italy.

  2. My favorite hostel is the Oasis Backpacker’s Hostel in Lisbon – it was SO nice and super social. I love a good hotel – in the US, I love the sleekness of the “W” chain

      1. They are on the pricier side…I went with my Dad once when we traveled to DC…but even the lobbies are ultra-hip and fun to stroll through in different cities

  3. Thanks for sharing, it sounds like you’ve had some great experiences traveling. Maybe a degree in hospitality is for you!

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