How Do You Travel?

I read a lot of travel blogs, and don’t get me wrong—I love them—but I’m admitting it: I’m no traveler. You may be asking yourself, Wait. If she’s no traveler, why is she always traveling? Good question, my friend.


It’s for the food. Yum! (Kidding. Mainly.)

I like staying put, whether that means staying put in the US or staying put in Spain. I like my home, my things, my comfort zone. I like knowing I’m insured. You know, lame things like that. I know that these aren’t great excuses—heck, there’s even backpacker insurance out there for you people who are adventurous (read: more adventurous than me)!

DSCN1746Me at my most comfortable: warm pub, a good drink, and great company.

Nowadays when I travel, it’s mainly to reunite with that boy of mine or to see friends/family (like my trip to Houston last July). I am not a person that has a natural itch to travel just for travel’s sake. Instead, I have to be prompted by pictures like the one above or by posts about other blogger’s 7 Super Shots.

Sometimes I do feel a bit alone in the travel blog/expat blog world. I mean, I love seeing new places, true. But I also love my bed. Are these things irreconcilable?

16 thoughts on “How Do You Travel?

  1. I am the exact same way! I love to see new places, but I hate “traveling”–does that make sense? I could never be a “backpacker”–I enjoy the comforts of home way too much.

    1. I definitely dislike the process: the airports, the buses, the waiting in lines — but I doubt anyone likes that. I couldn’t be a backpacker either, and I’m okay with that (now).

  2. It really is for the food! No…..really….I LOVE trying different food, when I think about traveling food is #2 on my list of great reasons to go. :) But #1 are the eye-openers. I want to know everything different about everyone different and what’s the same too. People are so interesting and cultures are so different, but in ways we’re all the same. I love to travel because I love to learn and I think I’m a better person because of it. I can enjoy my bed in 5 years or so. :P

  3. I’m with you on this 100 percent. I wasn’t bitten by the wanderlust bug, for better or worse. I like to travel and see new places, but I start to feel overwhelmed if I spend more than one weekend in a row away from home. I think we’re just, as Gaga would say, born this way.

  4. I feel the same and I think that is completely normal. I love having a home, the good thing being that I can adapt my home to wherever I am which is why when I travel, I do it extensively. Vacations are just more stress for me but I’ll never turn an opportunity down to see the world and learn about a different culture. It’s vital to my growth!!

  5. Food is a big motivation for my travel!! I think everyone has a different travel style, and it’s really a personal choice. I definitely don’t think those two things are irreconcilable! Although I do feel like I have a natural itch to go to new places (I have a very short attention span), I appreciate “slow travel”. I like having a key and a place I can call home. For this reason, I don’t think I would properly enjoy a huge RTW trip. I suppose I prefer expat life more than nomad/backpacking travel style. I prefer to spend longer periods of time in a place where I can make it a home (i.e. Spain, Puerto Rico), as well as get to know the people, culture, language (and food!) better. For this same reason, I’m a little anxious about being almost two months on the road this summer; it’ll be the first time I’ve consistently traveled without stoping and not really having a place to call “home”!

  6. Oh my lord, those waffles look incredible!! I do love to travel and would love to do more of it. Even the backpacking kind! But I also love my bed. And I am always happy to return home at the end of a trip. I think a healthy balance is nice. When I travel with my mom (my perfect travel companion) we always make time to just veg on the bed in the hotel room for a bit. Otherwise I find it really overwhelming.

  7. you know…I started to reply to this once, got distracted or called away or who knows what and since I’m wide awake and was just looking at your new post, remembered that I never did leave my comment here. so, here I am ;)

    I used to like travel alot more than I do now. for me, it’s probably a combination of what you mention, the post 9/11 world and how long it could take to get thru security etc. (I just experienced THE shortest wait at an airport security checkpoint: only one person ahead of me! no joke, not even 5 minutes!) and the fact that I ain’t getting any younger. I was 20 when I lived in Madrid and in a little better shape than I am now (um, don’t recall huffing and puffing up La Giralda 30 years ago, kind of thing). but, I still like to go places, see new things, eat new foods (and sweets!), experience other cultures. so if I want to continue to do that, I guess I gotta put up with the rest of it. I have always had the itch to travel and probably always will I suspect :)

    1. and here’s the thing about posting late at night….I think I read someone else’s comment about travel being a pain in the butt due to security and how long it takes to get from point A to point B. anyway, that was the point I was making but the comment wasn’t yours but another blogger somewhere out there….oops. heh.

  8. In my opinion, the more you travel the more you like to stay in ta home. This is what is happening with me. Also ithappens if you already have the relationship you like, the friends you love and the family to care for.
    What I enjoy the most now is weekends off or city breaks: 2-3 days and then back home!

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