Semana Santa Zamorana

Hey all,

My life has been in a kind of upheaval these past few days, but I wanted to share something with you guys! Zamora was featured on the front cover of the April 6 edition of the Wall Street Journal.


If you don’t speak English that well, it says: “La adorada más pequeña celebra la época más santa de de la cristianidad.”

I asked Mario if he knew who the little girl was. He didn’t! Darn! I would love to be able to send her parents a copy of this. It was actually difficult to obtain the WSJ in my town. My dad was out and about and couldn’t find it in several different stores. He finally asked the local bank to give us a copy, so I have it in my possession.

Holy Week in Zamora is a big deal. I know, I know, Sevilla and all the other places in Andalucía get all the press. A lot of Mario’s friends get very pumped for this week. If they work in other cities, they come home, of course. There are many traditions associated with it, but I remember the food the most. (What a surprise!) Here are some traditional foods:

  • almendras garrapiñadas—almonds sweetened with sugar. So good your teeth’ll hurt!
  • aceitadas—a type of cookie made with anis. Mario’s mom makes these. Sometimes they get quite hard, but that means they’re good for dipping in your beverage of choice! (Unfortunately, they don’t go well with whiskey.)
  • dos y pingada—this is an almuerzo (mid-morning snack) that’s served on Resurrection Sunday after a procession, La Cofradía de la Santísima Resurreción. It consists of two fried eggs, ham, and bread. Eat up!
  • There are more, but those are the ones I’m familiar with!

I am excited because Zamora doesn’t really get that much publicity. (Isn’t it obvious?) Other places in Spain get all the glory. But I love Zamora! As I saw daily on my walk to school on billboards, I am orgullosa de ser [media] zamorana. 


These two are real zamoranos. Photo taken in 2011.

10 thoughts on “Semana Santa Zamorana

  1. don’t forget torrijas, here they are the absolute winners among all easter sweets! but i don’t like them hahaha so if i friend makes some for use, it’s my mom and dad who eat them all :)

  2. I LOVE the food associated with Cuaresma and Pascua. In Mexico it means a lot of seafood, cheesy dishes, and things like capirotada (bread pudding). I’d love to see the Spanish celebrations and processions.

  3. Hi Kaley

    This is Haniye from Iran. surfing on the internet I found this blog!
    I read some of your posts and although i couldn’t understand it totally i enjoyed it because you write in a way that those whose English is not that well (like me) can understand the meaning :-)

  4. Thanks for uploading the WSJ’s front page! I was looking for it like crazy and wish I knew that girl’s family too!

    Me ha encantado encontrar tu blog!

  5. WAAAAH! Just found your blog and loving the Zamora action… I used to live there and that last pic with Mil Delicias was one of my favourite places to go for a croissant jamon y queso!

    I live in Barcelona now but I miss Zamora, it’s so little and lovely… Consider me your newest, happiest follower!

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