So Here’s the Deal

So here’s the deal, you guys … in two days, I’m off to Spain. I know, right? What/why? it’s so confusing. It might have something to do with this guy.

He’s pretty awesome! He was hired by a sah-weet law firm, and so we’re moving to Madrid. We won’t eat hot dogs, but we will eat lots of salchichón, That’s a fact.

Right now, these are my emotions:

  • Excited
  • Nervous
  • Scared
  • Crazy

Is “crazy” an emotion? I feel it 24/7. I’m so excited to return to Spain, to marry him, to move with him to a new city (Madrid). I’m nervous to leave behind everything I know. I’m scared to spend 2+ years in Spain. I’m crazy about him. Anything else? I feel it all, la verdad.

Please let me know I’m not alone. What have you done in the name of love? How has it paid off?

46 thoughts on “So Here’s the Deal

    1. I moved to Madrid for love. I have been here a year now with my Barcelonaian husband of almost nine years. I had two choices: to have him move away and potentially lose him, or take a big risk, move and be the man I can not see living without.

  1. hubby and I started off long distance-like, he on the west coast, me on the east. he wasn’t moving so I knew I had to. we met long before we got together and wouldn’t you know it, we get together after I move away(we met in L.A. before I moved), while I was on vacation. we spent the next several months making AT&T rich and we even watched the Dodgers win the world series together….on the phone ;) anyway, to make a long story short, I ended up moving back to L.A. and we got married 2 years later. and here we are together nearly 24 years.

    You have an amazing adventure ahead of you but I think anyone would agree that all the things you list are normal feelings. You know it feels right to be with the man you love, go for it!! and enjoy every minute.

    1. I am going to! I’m here now, and this Friday promises to be a good one, filled with warm weater, sunshine, tapas, and gintonics. ;)

  2. I´m so there with you. Not completely the same situation, but doing everything I can to stay in Spain with the man I love while I´m getting turned down from jobs left and right. I have no idea where I´ll end up in the fall, but I know who I´ll be with and that´s enough for me.

  3. You are amazing!!!! I am so excited and happy for you and proud of you!! 2 days!! I have moved to France for love, given up my job as a manger at a high-end fashion store. I will be taking a 20 hour flight to Hong Kong (and I am terrified of flying) for love and living there for 3 months. It’s worth it and you are doing the absolute right thing!!

  4. Those emotions are normal. You’re changing your life, leaving your comforts behind, of course it feels crazy and scary… That’s life. The unknown is always scary! Heck, we don’t know what lies ahead!
    But know one day you’ll look back and have all these stories to tell. one step at a time, chica!
    Can’t wait to hear more!

  5. One day at a time. You will love Madrid, and you know you love Mario!

    I worked for a sah-weet law firm in Madrid :-) many years ago – I hadn’t realized Mario was a lawyer. Best of luck to him on this new endeavor!

  6. …and Kaley, best of luck to YOU in this new endeavor! Do you know where you will be living?

    1. Well, somewhere in Madrid. A couple of friends are leaving their apartments, and they’ve said we should come see them, so we will. Otherwise, we’ll also be looking around Madrid. I really like the sound of Chamberí.

  7. Ahh great post, I felt exactly the same way before moving to Barcelona! I did the same thing for a guy, only let’s just say he turned out to be no Mario. Almost everything that could have gone wrong in my life did in the first six months…and it was still totally 100% worth it.

    Hope everything goes much more smoothly for you, and good luck on your new adventures! :)

    1. Really? Hmmm, that sounds like quite the story.

      Mario has proven himself time and again to be the best guy, so I’m not worried at all. But you are so brave for doing that. Wow!

  8. Kaley, you know my story; and yes, it’s worth it, every single day ;) And I know it will be for you and Mario, too. Enjoy!!!

  9. Best of luck. You may think that moving to another country is the adventure; I assure you it isn’t. The real adventure is the relationship upon which you are soon to embark. No matter how long you’ve been together I can promise you being married changes things. Don’t worry, if you’re relationship is truly strong it will change things for the better. My two cents is that moving away post marriage is an AMAZING idea. It allows you to truly get to know one another, rely on each other, and grow together in those early formative years. It worked for the misses and I, she’s been putting up with me for more than 10 years now. At any rate best of luck. If you have any questions about Madrid give me a holler I’ve been there multiple times and can give you some pointers. Cheers

    1. Thank you. We have grown so much from the first two and half years. I know that it has only served to make us stronger and a better couple.

  10. It’s totally natural to feel all kinds of conflicting (and possibly invented?) emotions! I felt like that before I moved to Spain this year, but it was the best decision I could have made. I chose NOT to go to Spain four years ago to see how things would work out with my boyfriend (or not work out). I have no regrets and I learned a lot from the experience. And in the end, circumstances led me back to Spain. Sounds like you and Mario are meant to be and the rest will fall into place, even if it sometimes feels like you are split between home and Spain. Best of luck and enjoy the adventure!

  11. Go. I represent the opposite position; I studied in Spain, immediately fell in love, returned back to the states, but, after a few years of not comitting to it, he, my love left me when I did not have the courage to move to that beautiful world. I haven’t slept in 15 years, and I think everydabut y about the wonderful man who made me laugh and taught me how to love. Yeah, maybe it would have gotten old, but with the right perspective, why not accomplish your proressional dreams, follow your heart, and have som good sun, wine and paella while you’re at it. Buena Suerte – I do wish I could have that decision back. How far I would be from where I find myself. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for your comment and different perspective, Kari. I am so glad to take the plunge for Mario and for us — we’ll make it. :)

  12. I second everyone else’s comments – the experience is totally worth it! Looking forward to finally meeting you in person! Buen viaje!

  13. I’ve moved three time for love, twice abroad and once just out of state. The first time was to Poland and I lasted four months. It was not an easy adjustment, as I didn’t know the language and people were extremely unwelcoming and rude to me. The second time was from Minnesota to Indiana and, while I missed my family and friends, it wasn’t all that far away and I did still visit them twice a year. Most recently, I’ve ended up in Australia with my fiance, which has had its own set of challenges. No language barrier, but the extreme distance from everyone back home means that even making a phone call is difficult and the cost of visiting is downright prohibitive. It’s always hard to leave your old life behind- I admit I still struggle with it some days- but you will gradually come to feel at home in Spain, you will settle into your new married life, and eventually you won’t want to leave. Be prepared to allow yourself plenty of time to adjust to your new life before passing judgment on it. It might take you a few months or even more than a year. Seek out other expats if you can- you’ll find they will be a lot more understanding of the challenges you face than people who have never had the expat experience. You will be fine. :-)

    1. You are one brave woman, wow!

      I know days will come where everything “sucks,” but this time I’ve made a vow to myself — it’s not Spain’s fault. It’s just life. Last time I did a lot of Spain blaming, but I vow not to anymore.

  14. Been there. Done that. If my story is anything like yours will turn out you will be EXTREMELY happy! :) So happy for you!

  15. By now you’re in Spain again–bienvenida!! Hope you (and Mario) are enjoying every second of the start of this new chapter in your life.

  16. Kaley, this is SOOOOOOOO exciting and incredible! I can’t wait to hear how things are going! :)

  17. Happy to read you’re returning to Spain, and to Madrid ! Looking forward to read some more Spain for dummies & other insights you have on Madrid. I’m sure you’ll manage alone, but I can help, do gimme a shout !

  18. I’m sorry, I commented in Spanish on your blog about the wedding menu. Well, don’t be scared, the Spanish people are really warm. I lived around the world and I like Latin countries best because they are more welcoming than some other cultures, within a few months you will be like a native. :-D

  19. Welcome back to Spain! We’re an American family living in southern Spain and love it. It’s so fun reading your blog about Spain from another Americans’ prospective!

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