Zamora + La Guiri

Hello, all. I’ve taken a bit of a social media hiatus, however lame that may seem. I mean, I still got on Facebook and Twitter; I just merely glanced at them. I’ve been occupied, you see … in my adopted hometown of Zamora.

The past weekend included great lunches by Mario’s mother (the best cook in Spain, obviously), running along the Río Duero, Elías Mora wine, wedding dress shopping (!), tapas, and attending a first communion. Totally normal. (Not really. Spain, I’m back!) Spain is wonderful in May; I highly recommend it. My Zamoran abuelitos are out in full force, and it’s all I can do not to pretend to be a jounalist so I can snap their photos.

 Ahh, Zamora.

My days now will be filled with running, wedding planning, great food, sunshine (I hope), tapas, cheap delicious wine, learning photography, and enjoying life with Mario to the fullest.

14 thoughts on “Zamora + La Guiri

  1. Awesome!! Exiting!! I can’t wait to here more and more about this wedding…are you looking for a job in Spain or just taking it easy for now?

    1. Hi Laura! Well, for now, I’m not looking. Once we get moved to Madrid (after the wedding, in September) and I have my papers, I’ll look. But not for now!

  2. Welcome back! Glad you are getting settled and are reunited with Mario woohoo! Let me know when you are in Madrid and we can meet in person (finally hahaha)

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