Scenes from Ávila

Another check mark on my list of cities to see in Castilla y León: Ávila. It seems Mario has family en todas partes, and thus our visit to his aunt and uncle’s house did not go by without a visit to the famous muralla de Ávila (wall of Ávila).

Ávila Wall1Ávila is known for its wall (seen above), as well as where Saint Teresa of Ávila was born. Santa Teresa de Jesús is the patron saint of headache sufferers (apparently), so if you’re suffering from a headache, she’s your woman!

Ávila Wall2Ávila Wall3Ávila Wall4Ávila Wall5This guy popped his head out. What a weirdo.


Picture of Mario’s family (L-R): Mario’s godfather Alberto, his godfather’s children Sergio and Sara, his brother Víctor, his uncle Jesús, Alberto’s wife Lola, and his father Jesús.

Ávila Wall6Mario Ávila WallIMG_0690Up Close Ávila WallÁvila Wall8Ávila Cathedral LionA lion statue in front of the cathedral

But Ávila’s real claim to fame is that its famous sweet, Yemas de Santa Teresa (egg yolk cakes), are actually too sweet for Mario.

YemasabulensesWho knew such a thing was possible?


Have you ever been to Ávila?

27 thoughts on “Scenes from Ávila

  1. Ávila is beautiful but kinda boring haha. I spent some time there last year bc my roommate was from there. The walls are really cool though, and there are some really cool churches. yuck, I couldn’t swallow a “yema,” grossest texture ever!

    1. Yeah, there’s not much to do there besides the wall. You could see some churches, though (like every other city in Spain haha)!

  2. Beautiful photos. I had planned to stay a night in Avila but decided to stay 2 nights in Salamanca and head straight for Porto, Portugal. Still have yet to see it. : )

    1. Yeah, my boyfriend’s parents were astounded that I hadn’t seen it. For being such a proponent of CyL, I need to see more of its cities.

  3. Fabulous fotos!! and Avila has been on my list for decades. **note to self: must see Avila next trip to Spain!!” I especially liked the one of Mario on the stairs. love the perspectiva :)

    1. Thank you! It’s a nice city, not very big, and so there’s not a whole lot to do besides see the wall, but it’s definitely worth a daytrip.

  4. You don’t really tan too well, do you? You’re just one of those persons that goes from white to red :P

    And you chose Spain to live in? Ha, poor girl. I hope you’ve got someplace that gives you a good deal on sunblock.

    Lovely photos as well, thanks for sharing.


    1. Haha, nooooo, tanning will never be my forte. But I take comfort in the fact that I’ll have great skin, due to never tanning.

  5. Pretty shots! Are you workin’ your new camera?

    I took a day-trip to Avila last year and had a good time (minus a scary moment when a driver bumped [okay, “tapped”] into me while I was trying to get a picture of the cathedral-guarding lions). I’d go back!

  6. Great family photos. Avila is such a beautiful town to explore. I remember biting into one of the Yemas and was taken aback. I always ditch egg yolks from hard-boiled eggs so I couldn’t handle a cake dedicated to them!

  7. KenDall, Heather, and I went to Avila for the day, and took a lot of those same shots! I remember KenDall and I pretending we were in LOTR :) And I definitely have a picture of me walking up those stairs!

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