Stressed? Puppies Are the Solution.

I’m not really stressed out or nervous about my wedding in two days, even if everyone asks, “¿Estás nerviosa?” Nonetheless, sometimes I’d like to just sit down and not think about my To Do List. Puppies are the solution.

Last Friday, Mario and I visited his friends, Iván and Montse, whose dog recently had puppies. They live outside of Zamora, and thus have a pool, a yard, and a big house, which is not usually obtainable in a Spanish city. Also: puppies. Puppies are good.



T-minus two days. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd now I’m gonna need to reread this post and forget about that to-do list for just a few minutes more.

19 thoughts on “Stressed? Puppies Are the Solution.

  1. Best wishes! You’re going to have an awesome wedding and clearly you need to steal one of those puppies.

  2. Enjoy your wedding day! I love your blog. I’m also an American marrying a Spaniard this year :)

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