Sí, Quiero—The Spanish Version of “I Do”

Fueron felices y comieron perdices.


As I wrote previously, planning for my wedding here in Spain wasn’t always enjoyable. But July 7, 2012, was the best day of my life. It started at 8 a.m., in a hotel with my mother: showers, breakfast, and jittery nerves. Next came the hairdresser.


The before short

Next, at 10:30, came the makeup. I’m not really a makeup person, if one can be a makeup person, but I left satisfied, even if I seemed odd to myself (“me extrañaba”). After that, it was back to the hotel to get dressed and try to calm down before leaving for the church. I had a very special ride.


The people loved it


Mario hung around and greeted the guests before I arrived


Dad helping me out of the car

In Spain, the bride can be seen by the guests before the wedding (traditionally), if not the groom. Mario was quickly ushered inside before this moment.


Happy to see Mario at the end of the aisle


Photo credit: José Antonio Fernández Sánchez, Mario’s cousin


Photo credit: José Antonio Fernández Sánchez


Tables were arranged by state names. We were Indiana, of course.


Guests were wearing red bandannas for San Fermín.


Our families at our table, fit for kings


Giving the boquet to Colleen, my future sister(-in-law), who’s getting married in September to my brother, Seth


Parents learning how Spaniards dance


Shouting so he can hear me


Favorite picture!


Dad and daughter, end of the night

I keep looking back on that day, that whole week, as this magical moment, a moment that turned out more perfect than I could have hoped for. I feel so lucky to have these people in my lives, people that will scream, “¡Vivan los novios!” and “¡Que se besen!” until they’re hoarse, people who will dance for hours with you, people who will make you videos with hilarious childhood photos set to the tunes of Que viva España and Born in the USA, who will take enough photos of you to make you swear off photos for a year, who will gift you a trip to Italy, who will accept you into their family like any other person (despite your foreignness), who will do mountains of paperwork for you while you’re on that honeymoon, who will buy you flowers and jewelry, who will cry until their eyes are dry during the ceremony, who will write special essays to read at your wedding … these people, you people if you are reading this, are the reason that day was the best day.

The honeymoon, by the way, was wonderful. And wonderfully hot. I think next time we’ll get married in September; July is way too hot.

38 thoughts on “Sí, Quiero—The Spanish Version of “I Do”

  1. You guys look over-the-moon in these photos, congrats again!

    Mario’s cousin’s photos came out stellar, as did the casual shots. And, I loved how the tables had the names of states–was that your way of sneaking in a bit of Americana? ;)

  2. I love these photos and am so appreciative of you posting them. Thank you so much! You both look radiantly happy – wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

  3. It sounds like you’ve found yourself a wonderful new family :) And the idea of using U.S. states as table names–perfección.
    I love that portrait of you and Mario, you look gorgeous and he looks so happy! Enhorabuena!

  4. Me ha encantado!!!! Guau, que novios mas guapos! Very, cool. I have never seen a Spanish wedding, they are probably all different of course, but thanks for sharing your wedding day. I love this about blogs like yours, even though I think I know Spanish culture, I haven’t seen things as a real insider, thanks for letting us in.

  5. That was wonderful, especially the last paragraph at the end about how great the Spanish people have treated you, that really was touching and great to hear. Someone gave you a trip to Italy?! Haha, that’s great, enjoy (oh, and Spanish and Italian are very similar and frequently mutually intelligible, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the language).


    1. Oooh we’re already back! And Italian is frustrating because you think it sounds so similar, but so many things are different, so I let Mario do most of the talkng, as he seemed to get it more.

      1. Same story with Portuguese, especially after having heard so many people say how similar the two are and how they’re frequently mutually intelligible. Yes, there’s a lot of crossover, but there’s enough difference that a Spanish-speaker isn’t going to be able to understand most spoken Portuguese I think (written Portuguese is another story, the real problem is how differently things are pronounced in Portuguese vs Spanish). I just started learning Brazilian Portuguese a few weeks ago and realized this.

        Have you ever been to Portugal? I hear the economic crises has just really devastated that country.


  6. Congratulations on your wedding! It looks like it was a gorgeous ceremony and you looked beautiful, radiant, and happy!! YAY!

  7. Aw!! I just stumbled across your blog and loved reading about your wedding! My story is similar to yours. I came to Spain (Sevilla) to study and met my man, Antonio, in Feb of 2009. We became pareja de hecho back in November and are planning an American wedding for June 2014. I’m looking forward to reading your posts! :)

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