The Move

My lack of posting is due to the fact that Mario and I were moving into our new apartment! I don’t have photos ready to post yet, but rest assured that our apartment is beautiful y hay mucha luz, like they say in every posting on Idealista, but this time it’s true.

We’ve been to IKEA, Mercadona, and El Corte Inglés. We’ve figured out our metro stops. We’ve set up a bank account.

Now we just have to get Internet. Wish us luck. It’s more difficult than it seems!

11 thoughts on “The Move

  1. Awww too bad I left Madrid, we could have potentially met!

    IKEA is in the most inconvenient location in Madrid and it’s worse if you don’t have a car! It’s literally almost right outside the city!

    What neighborhood in Madrid are you living in? I lived in Arguelles last year and loved it!

    Oh and I would go with Jazztel for the Internet. I’ve done Movistar which was okay but not great. And Orange’s modem they sent us never worked and their customer service was horrible so we ended up switching to Jazztel.

    Good luck moving!

    1. There is more than one IKEA, which one did you go to?

      I live in Arganzuela/Legazpi area, so south. Near the Planetarium.

      We can’t go with Jazztel, unfortunately. “No llega,” damn it!

  2. Congrats on the new apartment! So exciting to live in Madrid.
    I would warn anyone to not get Telefonica. We moved across town and have been waiting more than TWO MONTHS!!!! to get them to switch our connection to the new place due to a glich with our bill that was their fault. They are a disaster.

  3. Totally feel you on the internet frustration. We´ve been fighting with Telefónica for about a month now trying to get a phone line installed. Good luck!

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