My Favorite Spanish-Language Cooking Blogs

When I first came to Spain, I didn’t have a kitchen. I didn’t have a refrigerator. I lived in a renovated convent in the midst of Toledo’s casco antiguo.

Then, in Salamanca, I had a small kitchen. Quite adequate, actually. At least I had an oven, which isn’t always the case, I’ve learned. I have always loved baking, so I started baking for Mario, who will never say no to a galleta, chocolate-chip or otherwise. The only problem? I had no measuring cups. Measuring cups are another one of the US’s particularities. Most of the world cooks and—especially—bakes in grams. It makes sense. A cup of all-purpose flour doesn’t weigh the same as a cup of another type of flour. Using grams is more precise.

That didn’t help me, though. I had to use Google to convert all my cups of flour to grams, often dragging my laptop into the kitchen and using flour-stained fingers to type “1 cup of flour to grams” into the search bar. Annoying. There had to be a better way.

I’ve found that following Spanish-language cooking blogs is the way forward. Not only do they use grams and milliliters, they also don’t call for ingredients that are difficult, if not impossible, to find in places like Zamora. (In Madrid, it’s not impossible to find anything.) Moreover, it was a way for me to explore new dishes, ingredients, and flavors. A win-win!

Thus, I’d like to present to you all, some of whom I hope speak Spanish, my favorite cooking blogs written by Spaniards. I hope that you find them as interesting and worthwhile as I do.


El Comidista. El Comidista is written by Mikel López Iturriaga, who started his blog, Ondakín, and was later picked by up El País, one of Spain’s national newspapers. Mikel doesn’t just share delicious, in-season recipes; he also talks about all things related to gastronomy: restaurants, kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, culinary pop culture, etc. It’s always an entertaining read. Check it out:


Javi Recetas.  Behind Javi Recetas is José Javier Cabanas, a firefighter and student. Javi always proposes accessible recipes as well as useful information, like how to desalinate salt cod. I like his basic recipes especially.


Recetas de Mon. Recetas de Mon is run by Mónica, born in Barcelona.


Cocinando entre Olivos. Erik pointed this site out to me (and to his other readers, of course). The only problem I have with it is the lack of recipe summaries, so to speak.


Biscayenne: para golosos irredentos. Since I have one major goloso (person with a sweet tooth) at home, I love the name of the site. I’m not very familiar with Spanish desserts, but I’m learning. Step by step. This site is a great way to learn about the very traditional desserts like flan and, like Emeril, to take them up a notch or two.

A Freír Pimientos. There’s an expression in Spanish: “¡Vete a freír esparragos!” (Literally, “Go away and fry asparagus!” It means, basically, get the hell out of my sight. So I can’t help but think of that when I read this website’s title, which means (in my loose translation)


No Más Tuppers de Mamá. This blog is run by three guys in their 20s, and it all looks finger-lickin’ good. Their recipes are both simple and elaborate, delicious and simple. Also, they come with recommended playlists, if you’re into that sort of thing. The three guys—Carlos, Marc, and Adrià—met in Manchester during their Erasmus semester abroad. If you don’t enjoy cooking, follow their blog at your own risk—you may be tempted to start.

So there you go, the Spanish-cooking blogs I follow. What about you, any recommendations?

12 thoughts on “My Favorite Spanish-Language Cooking Blogs

  1. Hi Kaley!
    First of all thank you very much for mentioning us among such great bloggers. Glad you like our blog. As far as the blog name goes, it is indeed very closely related to the saying you mentioned “Vete a freír espárragos”; my mom with who I share the blog, srañora (a local type of pepper in the area of Alicante), switches the “espárragos” by “pimientos” every now and then. It came out like an shout, like a “what the hell, let’s start a blog and a freir pimientos”.
    Just out of curiosity, how did you find us?
    Merry Christmas,

  2. thanks for the recommendations!! I don’t follow cooking blogs, I just type the ingredients I have and find something to cook that day! hahaha
    oh we also say “vete a freír pimientos” sometimes, it depends on the region :)

  3. Great info as always, Kaley! I love the idea of that last blog, the name “No Más Tuppers de Mamá.” says it all.

    I wish I had more time to cook and bake, but this year it’s difficult to find an extra hour. I guess it’s just as well–unfortunately, my love for baking has been put on hold since we don’t have a full-size oven, just a tiny box on par with the Easy Bake variety.

    As far as Spanish-language food blogs go, Webos Fritos ( is visually amazing. En Directo al Paladar ( and Uno de Dos ( also have a wealth of information but the recipes are usually so involved that I bookmark them for when I have more time–Christmas dinner, for example! Finally, Expat Chef in Barcelona ( isn’t a Spanish-language blog but you can always direct English-speaking friends here for Spanish recetas.

  4. Thank you for sharing these! I’m excited to check them all out and add some to my blogroll. And I love this phrase you shared: “¡Vete a freír esparragos!” One I didn’t know.

  5. No conocía este blog hasta ahora, y me lo guardo en favoritos!
    ¿Hace mucho que existe? Entraré más todas las semanas, tiene un diseño muy agradable.

    Me emocionó el artículo, dan ganas de comenzar a escribir un blog.

    Hola!! Te importa que use varias imágenes de tu blog en
    mi web? No veo en la red imágenes apropiadas para mi web y las tuyas son
    geniales. Muchas gracias!
    En Este blog se usa el mismo template que usaba en el mío.
    Puedes contarme cómo se llamaba? Lo perdí y no consigo encontrarlo…
    Muchas gracias.
    Gracias por compartir post como este!
    Me enriquece tu artículo. Me guardo la Feed y así no
    perderme nada en el futuro.
    Muy bien transmitida la información. los próximos post.

    Me gusta mucho esta web. Post así son los que son más sinceros.

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