2012: The Year Everything Changed

Change often comes in small, incremental pieces—a new haircut, a five-pound weight loss, new decorations, the leaves falling slowly off the trees in autumn. It happens so that you barely notice it. That is until you look back and consider where you were twelve months ago and where you are now.

Twelve months ago, I was in the same place I’m at now: my parents’ house in Indiana, my childhood home. But twelve months ago I was in a completely different place, figuratively speaking.

In 2012, Mario got a job, and we decided we were moving to Madrid.

All that studying paid off

In 2012, I lived in Zamora for three months while preparing for our wedding.





In 2012, my parents, brother, and sister(-in-law) went to Spain to visit for one very special occasion.


In 2012, it went from “I” to “we.”




In 2012, we went on our honeymoon. To Venice, Florence, and Rome.


In 2012, my brother got married to Colleen.



In 2012, we moved to Madrid.

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In 2012, we attended several other couples’ weddings.

iPhone 033iPhone 034iPhone 071

In 2012, I got a job teaching English to sixth graders and found it was a wonderful age.


In 2012, I met American women in Madrid, and some of them were married to Spaniards.

In 2012, Mario and I visited Sevilla and Córdoba.

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In 2012, I came home for Christmas and realized that Spain may be where I live, but Indiana is my home.

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2012: The Year Everything Changed. How was 2012 for you?


22 thoughts on “2012: The Year Everything Changed

  1. awe, you guys are so darn cute!! loved the photos and some new ones of the wedding I hadn’t seen. love the one in the car as well as the one walking as you look at each other. so fun to see a couple so in love :)

    2012 for me was a mixed bag, some good, some bad and I’m hoping that 2013 brings more of the good than the bad. a ver….

    ¡Feliz año nuevo a todos!

  2. Love loads of these photos, namely wine and Sevilla, but Mario in a cubbies hat gets me every time! Kike has two Cubs shirts and a Hawkeyes one…all compliments of his guiri pareja! Let me know when you’re back and settled so we can finally meet, non-digitally! I’m here until the 3rd around 19h.

  3. Wow, what a full year! So glad to know all as well and you both are getting to have so many awesome experiences! How is teaching English? Do you find you have a lot to prepare for every day, or is it kind of laid out for you? I have toyed with the idea as well, but always assume it must be so much harder than teaching Spanish, which, we had modeled for us when we took it growing up. I love the, “Look, a rubber!” jajajaja. ¡Cuídense mucho!

  4. That’s an amazing year! I had a wonderful 2012 as well and I have a feeling 2013 will be even better…I mean how could it not, I’m finally going to Kenya!! ;)

  5. Quite a year you’ve had! We should get together sometime soon for coffee – pumpkin carving wasn’t enough!

  6. Wow! That’s definitely one of the best year round ups I’ve seen so far. Where do you find the energy, chica? ;) I’m sure 2013 will be just as great for your and Mario. From one grump to another, Happy New Year! (a little tarde…)

  7. 2012 was such a huge year for you! It was great to see the highlights through photos! You obviously looked absolutely gorgeous at your wedding (and that goes without saying), but I wanted to mention that that black dress you wore to a friend’s wedding was stunning! :))

    Best wishes for 2013! :)

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