11 Little Things that Make Me Smile, Madrid Edition

It’s the little things, isn’t it? The big things are great, wonderful—but they’re often few and far between. Of course, the fact that they are indeed scarce makes them all the easier to appreciate.

Puerta de Alcalá (HDR)

Photo by Emilio García

But the small things? They’re the type of occurrences that could and do happen every day. We just have to learn to notice them.

  1. All the crosswalks are green when you get to them, even those pesky ones with two distinct lights, meaning you usually have to stop in the middle of the street to wait for the second.
  2. Arriving at the metro station and hop right on the train, both at the first station and your transfer station. Bliss.
  3. There are available seats on the metro. In fact, there are more than enough so you don’t have to squeeze in like a sausage!
  4. Remembering an errand you forgot to do, only to walk right by the store you need, whether it be the supermarket, the hardware store, or the bank.
  5. When there’s no line at the bank.
  6. When the cashiers at the supermarket smile and treat you kindly.
  7. When there’s a long line at the supermarket and they actually open a new line—and you get to go first.
  8. When your Spanish comes out perfectly the first time.
  9. Seeing the weather forecast app predicts sun, sun, sun for the foreseeable future. Not only during the weekend, but the weekend too!
  10. The tapas bar is full, but not too full. If you get what I’m sayin’.
  11. The wine you order is a) delicious and b) costs less than €2 per copa.

What little things make you smile in your city?

10 thoughts on “11 Little Things that Make Me Smile, Madrid Edition

  1. Definitely feel you on number 10. We actually left a bar after the first tapa yesterday because it was uncomfortably full. Full, as in I had to press against the wall every time the not-so-friendly waitress passed our table.

  2. When I’m walking my dog and little kids ask if they can pet my dog and tell me she is cute.
    When the waiters at the local Mexican restaurant now you well enough to tease you.
    When you go to the bank and the tellers great you by name.
    Being able go to the bank, grocery store and post office on my lunch time and still have time to eat lunch.

  3. Definitely feeling number 7. Though I often wonder how long the queue actually has to be before they do this – usually there’s another till with someone messing about with change or receipts at a sloth’s pace before they finally twig that there are a multitude of scrunched up angry faces glaring at them from behind. And then they suddenly become lightning quick at scanning and your left fumbling at your wallet whilst all of your items pile up in front of you. Sorry, i’m digressing.

    Great post! I love it here in Granada each time there’s a clear day after a stint of rain – it usually means there’s snow on the mountains which makes for a spectacular vista…

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