Next Destination: Amsterdam

I am happy to report that, come Friday, I’ll be setting foot on Dutch soil for the very first time!


[Source: AP]

I don’t know if Amsterdam has as many “must-visit” sites as a place like Paris, but I’m quite looking forward to the general ambiance: canals, bikes, tall people like me (you know, the usual).

Amsterdam Bikes

What are your Amsterdam recommendations?

5 thoughts on “Next Destination: Amsterdam

  1. I went in November, so the weather wasn’t very nice, but it should be wonderful right now! I’d suggest renting a bike one day and getting that real experience of going around on one. I went to the Ajax stadium (it’s a very short metro ride away from the center) and that was really great! I’d also suggest seeing one of the many museums they have there – that’s the real awesome part of Amsterdam. The city itself isn’t as breathtaking, but it’s a nice place for cultural activities.

    Also – if you have time, try to take a train to one of the other cities. Utrecht is a major one to visit! The train system there is amazing – very quick and very cheap.

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