Let’s Link!—Week 1

Let's Link!

Who doesn’t love a good list of links? I know I always click on those sorts of posts. It must be in our nature, because it’s practically irresistible. Thus I’d like to start a weekly (or, okay, regular at least) list of some of my favorite links around the web, including blogs, newspapers, and anything random I can scrounge up. These links may not necessarily have to do with Spain, but I’m sure many of them will.

This list of complaints from dissatisfied customers on Thomas Cook vacations made me cringe, laugh, and wonder about the human race. (Sample quote: “We went on holiday to Spain and had a problem with the taxi drivers as they were all Spanish.”)

How the USA Made Me More Self-Assured, By a British Expat made me think about my home country and whether I have become more self-assured by living in another country.

David Lebovitz, a Paris-based food blogger, recently visited Sevilla, Spain, and wrote about why he chooses to order the café cortado when he goes out for coffee.

Arroz con Leche I Love Tortilla de Patatas

A Spanish expat who lives in the Netherlands writes in English about typical Spanish foods, and her recent entry is all about how to make arroz con leche (rice pudding in English). It’s Mario’s favorite dessert, and he claims his is better even than his mother’s.

Most Spanish people looking for a job are asked to have high levels of English (or another language), but—according to a recent study—a majority say that they never use their second language at work.

I’ve recently gotten hooked on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, and so this article comparing the show to the memoir to the actual numbers was fascinating to me.

One of Madrid’s most-famous foods is the bocadillo de calamares, the squid sandwich. It may sound gross, but it is in fact delicious. This article explores the best bocadillos to be found in Spain. (In Spanish)

Share with me any of your favorite articles from the past few weeks!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Link!—Week 1

  1. The Thomas Cooke vacation link scared me, these people really walk among us? Ok, after the initial horror, I couldn’t stop snickering. Thanks for posting-I’m a link junkie too!

  2. I love OITNB – that article was really interesting, thanks for sharing it! I have been told that Taylor Schilling is my doppelganger, so I am tossing around the idea of being Piper Chapman for Halloween.

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