Let’s Link—Week 2

Let's Link!

Hello! I’m back again with one of my favorite types of posts, links! Let me show you what I found interesting on the interwebs lately.

The Best Spain Tours, featuring—you guessed it!—Zamora. “This part of Spain is a far cry from the crowds, beaches and tourist traps and a place where you will recognize a different aspect of Spain”

Sufjan Stevens Writes an Open Letter to Miley Cyrus: You’ve Been LYING. Is it so hard to differentiate between lay and lie, Miley?

Crazy Goats on Cliffs


13 Pictures of Crazy Goats on Cliffs. Random, I know, but just go look at these crazy goats. The Spanish expression “estar como una cabra” is starting to make a lot more sense now.

Welcome to Madrid! Here’s a Long List of Things You Are Not Allowed to Do. Including, but not limited to: dangerous rollerblading, washing a dog in public, or placing a potted plant unsafely on a balcony (look out below!).

Columbus Day: East Meets West. What would medieval Spaniards have eaten? They didn’t have potatoes, beans, peppers, or even tomatoes. No chocolate! Ugh, the horror.

And now en español:

El Mundo en una Croqueta. Do you like croquetas, croquettes? Of course you do. Check out this article about one of Madrid’s more-daring croquette restaurants, La Gastrocroquetería de Chema.

Para Entendernos por Ahí Perfectamente. Snippet: “El inglés es una lengua endiablada, y lo sabemos quienes llevamos toda la vida manejándonos con ella, siempre de manera imperfecta …

3 thoughts on “Let’s Link—Week 2

    1. Yes, it’s quite good, but a bit more expensive than a normal “tapas bar.” Nonetheless, a great place for a medium-expensive dinner (maybe like €20/person) and it’s not something you’ll have anywhere else!

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