Let’s Link—Week 3

Let's Link!

And we’re back with another link list! Sorry for the delay, but last weekend I was visiting Zamora and Mario’s family for the November 1 holiday, Todos los Santos, or All Saints’ Day in English. In Spain, families tend to visit the graveyards to put flowers on relatives’ graves. We had a merienda consisting of chocolate a la taza (basically melted chocolate, thick and delicious), chorizo, Zamoran cheese, fried bread, two kinds of cake, wine, and liqueurs. Other, more-widespread culinary traditions include eating Huesos de Santo (Saints’ Bones) and buñuelos de viento, which are filled with whipped cream, pastry cream, or chocolate.

Here are some of my favorite links from the past two weeks:

Do Different Languages Confer Different Personalities? Ah, a great question. I often feel more eloquent as well as funnier in English. In Spanish, I’m much less likely to express an opinion, because I find that it’s easier to quash. I also have a fear of looking silly, so this leads me to say less.

For Mind and Body: Study Finds Mediterranean Diet Boosts Both. For those of us living in Spain and consuming loads of olive oil, good news! The diet boosts both cerebral and physical health! I’m always happy to hear what I’m already doing is good for me.

The American Smile. I found this article, by fellow expat blogger (in Germany) Alex, to be hilarious and mind-opening. I never thought of this! Do Americans have a distinct smile? I know we smile a lot and especially on cue. But most of the time my smile is genuine; I’m not faking it. Also, I agree with Alex that flossing is not just made up by dentists. Flossing is totally important!

Recipe: Chorizo Burger with Paprika. It seems the UK has gone “mad” over chorizo, and this recipe just adds more evidence to the pile. A chorizo burger? Has the UK gone too far?

The Guiri Complex. What is really like to live in another country? Sometimes I get the picture that people think we live in a constant vacation world, that our lives are only filled with sunshine and rainbows. What is it like to miss things from the US? Should we always be searching those things out or treat them as what they are—a treat? Cat explores this question.

And now in Spanish …:

Esquelas curiosas publicadas en ABC. Esquelas are like death announcements, in which the family of the deceased puts a notice in the newspaper. The Spanish newspaper ABC recently published this article for Halloween of some of its more curious notices, including one that lamented that the deceased forgot to pass along a recipe for “pickled paella”!

Una docena de los nombres de chica más puestos en España. Recently I read about some of the most popular girls’ names in the US, and this article supplied what I’d wanted since: a list of the most-popular Spanish girls’ names. Obviously, María leads the list.

Thanks for reading! Any links you’d like to share?

8 thoughts on “Let’s Link—Week 3

  1. I definitely believe that we have different personalities in different languages, for sure! And like you, Kaley, I am much quieter and less humorous and eloquent! Also, something that’s weird is that I am sillier in German than I am in French, too!

  2. Interesting – I’m actually more outgoing in Spanish! I KNOW I’m going to make mistakes and sound silly, so I don’t worry about coming off as stupid as much…although this has decreased a bit as my Spanish has gotten better.

    My jokes don’t always come off well in Spanish though, because I tend to like dry, sarcastic humor, so sometimes people take me very seriously about really stupid things.

    1. In some ways, with strangers, I am more outgoing—I am more likely to ask for directions to Spanish strangers without feeling silly. In fact, during study abroad, my friends all relied on me to ask for directions!

  3. I really do have a “Spanish” personality and an “American” one. I think I am more witty in English and never at a lost for words and yet when I’m in Spain a little of me gets lost and yet a bit more resourceful. When my friends from Malaga come visit they always get a kick out of NYC Christine. I think I try to hard sometimes to listen and not make mistakes instead of just flowing with the conversation and situation…arghhhh mistakes be damned,something I want to work on. As always great post.
    p.s. Keep those links coming. :o)

  4. Thanks for the share! My German friends literally make fun of my “American” smile all the time. But I agree with you – it is genuine! You can tell when it’s not.

    I loved Cat’s Guiri article as well!

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