My Spanish Students’ Reactions to Things I Say—GIF Version

People eat dinner around 6–8 p.m.


In Indiana, we prefer college basketball to the NBA.


There really are yellow school buses, and—yes—I did use to ride one to school.

Oh my god

I prefer smaller cities to Madrid.


We don’t eat bacon and eggs every morning for breakfast.


But basically, most of the class is just like:

What is Happening

13 thoughts on “My Spanish Students’ Reactions to Things I Say—GIF Version

  1. Thankfully, I get a kick out of people’s weird reactions after so many years teaching. My favorite was the disgust when I diagramed how to make thanksgiving turkey with an arrow into the turkey’s butt. BAHAHA suckers, not like it’s NOT weird to celebrate the Maculate Conception Day!

    1. I know, right??! I wish I could give them a perspective so they’d see that dinner at 7 is actually a good idea! It only works for the students who have the most international perspective!

  2. Hahaha I love the GIF with Juliet from Lost (was a huge fan back in the day when it was on TV) looking so sad and forlorn about not eating bacon and eggs every morning.

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