Let’s Link—Week 5

Hey all! I’ve been off the blogging radar for a while, but I’m back today with another links post. I can tell you are so pumped, because I am too!

Let's Link!

On Saying “Bye!” to Say “Hi!” When Passing Friends in Spain. Trevor, a fellow blogger in Spain, writes about how Spaniards greet one another on the streets. They don’t say hi; they say bye!

An American Neurotic in Paris. On Thanksgiving, expats tend to feel a bit out of place. This article in the New York Times’ opinion pages explains that feeling.

We’re All Friends Now. Many languages use different words for “you”, depending on the relationship between the speaker and the addressee. In Spain, using usted is less common than in other Spanish-speaking countries. How is it in your language?

American Cakes—Carrot Cake. Did you know that  carrots didn’t used to be orange? Better yet, did you know that the Spanish may have had something to do with this? Read this article for an interesting for the interesting history of carrots—and carrot cake.

Nelson Mandela Becomes First Politician To Be Missed. Sadly accurate, even if it is from The Onion.

Krampus: Saint Nicholas’ Dark Companion. Krampus is a frightening creature who emerges during the Christmas season in Europe. And he’s terrifying!

In Spanish:

“I Don’t Speak English”, la frase en inglés más utilizada por los españoles. This website is like Spain’s version of The Onion, and this article made me giggle.

What’s the most interesting article you read this week?

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