What Is Home?

Where is your home? Is it the house you grew up in, where you went to university, or perhaps where you live now with your significant other? For me, it’s all three of those things. It’s the house I grew up in, it’s my university town, and it’s certainly where I live now.

For me, home isn’t just one fixed place. Home is where I lay my head; home is where I feel most myself. I currently lay my head in Madrid, Spain, but I feel most myself here, in Indiana.

Where do you feel most yourself?

7 thoughts on “What Is Home?

  1. I always say home is where I grew up, which is easy for me since it was always Houston. However, when I come to and fro between Houston and Karlsruhe, both directions feel like heading home, but Houston is definitely and will always be home.

  2. Home, without question, is the company of my close friends.Where ever they are, I want to be, but I undoubtedly create many “homes” around the world. When I want to feel safe and secure, a place is never sufficient, it always the person that satisfies that longing.

    1. I agree with you. Having lived in many places, I have concluded that my country has no name, is not occupy any land, my country is my family, that I have formed, and those who respect to them, wherever they are.

  3. I love Richelle’s answer. I’ve never had what I would consider a “home” in regards to a concrete location where I feel a sense of belonging and love. I’m from Chicago and much of my family is still there, I went to college in central Illinois, and now I live in Madrid, and I used to live in Seville. But that being said, I feel most “at home” when I’m able to enjoy the company of good friends.

  4. under my humble point of view home is that place where you have experienced passion, desire, love or any other feeling that reminds you of that place, a fixed place full of those past memories, usually during your childhood as kid, growing up and experienced.

    Spain always will be my home, the world’s best home, even if i move to the other side of the world or even to Mars! i haven’t got past memories outside Spain nor have i experienced anything that can fix me outside.

    having said that, i would for sure develop a nice feeling towards Mars if i fell in love with a citizen of Mars and i moved there…but Spain would still be my home because of the past memories.

    feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo Kaley, and everyone!

  5. I’ve been trying to work that out too. I grew up in Santa Barbara, so that’s home, but when I think of leaving Spain to go back “home” I often think of Hawaii, where I lived for more than 10 years before coming here and most of my family is there. But for now, my house, and my husband, are in Spain so Benalmádena is home!

  6. Home is my parents’ house and where my fiance and I used to live/will live. I always feel at home when I’m at my parents’. I didn’t see Madrid the city as my home, but the neighborhood yes. The first apartment my fiance and I lived is definitely a special place because it was our first home. For me, home is where you mostly feel the love and where you’re comfortable to be you.

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