My 10 Spanish Favorites

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for a good survey post. Even back in the day of Myspace (ooh! cringe!), I loved those posts where you listed your favorite drink (non-alcoholic, of course!) or the last thing you ate. Maybe it’s the voyeur in me. I saw another blogger’s post about her favorites, and I started to think it would be fun to share my favorite things about Spain, the country I call home—for now.

1. Food

Salchichón from Spain

It’s such a tough decision. But I’m going to have to say salchichón, made by mother- and father-in-law. There is no comparison with the storebought version, and do not give me fuet. (By the way, I also appreciate Zamora’s version of cured sheep’s milk cheese, and I will never say no to lentejas!)

2. Drink

Vino de Toro Románico 2009

There’s no doubt—wine from the Toro region. Maybe I’ve become a bit tiresome, but I will never stop touting the wine from my husband’s home region. Toro wine isn’t for those who really don’t like red wine, though. You have to love the tannins!

3. Word

I am obsessed with the word vale, and I recognize that my answer is unsatisfying. I don’t know why, but there’s something about that word. You know when a Spanish person is explaining something to you, and they keep repeating, Vale? Well, I love the way it sounds and especially the way certain people say it. Creepy? I swear it’s not!

4. Phrase

I love studying Spanish idioms, so it’s not easy for me to pick a favorite. But I think “No es moco de pavo” (“It’s not a turkey booger”) is pretty hilarious for saying something is a pretty big deal. Some other funny ones:

  • Disfrutar como un enano (To enjoy oneself like a dwarf)—To have a great time
  • No se ganó Zamora en una hora (Zamora wasn’t won in a day)—Rome wasn’t built in a day. <–It’s obvious why I like this one, right?!

5. Store

I’m talking chain stores here, so I’ll go with Mango.

6. Newspaper

I tend to read all three of Spain’s papers (El Mundo, El País, and ABC), but I have recently been enjoying El Confidencial. But please remember: Never read the comments. Ever.

7. City

You guys know what I’m about to say … Zamora! You can see more posts of mine about Zamora here.

8. Television Show

Do you hate me for admitting I don’t watch much Spanish television? Sitcoms aren’t really my thing, so those are out. I hate talk shows. I haven’t seen Isabel. I know! I suppose my favorite would have to be Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe.

9. Celebrity

Rafa Nadal

If sports stars count—Rafa Nadal. A close second would be Iker Casillas and Andrés Iniesta (whom I must include due to his pivotal role in helping Spain to win the 2010 World Cup). I’m not a fan of Penélope Cruz or Javier Bardem, but that may have to do with the fact that all my Spanish friends dislike them!

10. Person

Mario. Duh! Most obvious and sappiest answer!

9 thoughts on “My 10 Spanish Favorites

  1. Hahaha, I love this list! I love so many things about Spain that it would be hard to pick. Food would probably be my suegra’s fabada, drink is Cruzcampo (duh)…but my favorite Spaniard is PROBABLY the Duquesa de Alba. I will meet her one day, since the Feria encounter does not count.

    1. Duquesa de Alba for the win! Also I became similarly fascinated with Mario Vaquerizo while I was there because he kept popping up on El Hormiguero.

  2. My favorite Spanish word is “tiquismiquis”, I like the way it rolls off the tongue :) Favorite city is Granada, of course, and my favorite dish is huevos rotos. ! I love Zara and Mango equally, can’t choose! As far as drinks, I am a straight up guiri and love tinto de verano :P

  3. Great post! Always interesting to read about others’ likes and dislikes of all things Spanish, especially in such a supremely readable format. I think “enano” can also (perhaps colloquially) mean small person or creature, unless my husband is constantly referring to our smaller dog and (little) kids as “dwarves” ;)

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