Munich in Photos

I don’t have a lot to say about these photos other than most of them would end up being the top stock photos on my social media if I ever posted them. And it’s not because I didn’t learn anything or I found it boring! Not at all—it’s just that I won’t presume to tell you what to see, or how to see it, or how to get from place to place. If you want advice, try Lonely Planet or Rick Steves. I’m just going to show you some photos! Deal?


IMG_4749_1 IMG_4763 IMG_4764 IMG_4765 IMG_4786 IMG_4791 IMG_4801 IMG_4805_Orton IMG_4809 IMG_4814 IMG_4815 IMG_4816 IMG_4819 IMG_4820 IMG_4827 IMG_4828 IMG_4831 IMG_4835

8 thoughts on “Munich in Photos

  1. Ah Neuschwanstein. :) I did not visit when I went, I decided to I wanted to spend most of my time visiting Munich while I was there. If I return to Munich, a visit to Neuschwanstein will be at the top of the list. My two friends did end up going but I knew it would be an all day trip and I was more interested in visiting Dachau (which is not as far out as the castle). Did you end up visiting Dachau at all?

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