My Life Lately + Photos

Hi all! You may be wondering why it seems my blog has suddenly become so neglected. I haven’t really felt the blogging muse lately. In truth, my life is not all that different from yours, if you’re reading this from the USA. I was working, paying the bills, shopping at the grocery store (I mean, supermarket), hanging out with friends, and the like. June has been a good month all in all: I finished the school year with good memories, and the World Cup started, which has been keeping my attention even if Spain had an early and rather ugly exit.

But now I’m back at my parents’ home in Indiana, and I couldn’t be happier about it. And since I haven’t felt inspired lately, I thought I’d share some unshared photos from this past year.


An image of Zamora in tilesIMG_0102A weekend trip to Paris—a bit cloudy and cold, but beautiful nonetheless

IMG_0103 IMG_0120 IMG_0140Mario and me at the “primada“, where he and his cousins all get together for a meal

IMG_0206I made Thanksgiving dinner for my Spanish family!

IMG_0213 IMG_0229Mario and I visited San Millán de la Cogolla and its monasteries, Suso and Yuso

IMG_0288If you go to Bloomington, Indiana, stop by Nick’s English Hut and get the Sink the Biz fries

IMG_0301Mom and me at Nick’s

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetRight before I left to retun to Spain, we got a biiiiit of snow

IMG_0236It gets snowy in Zamora too!

IMG_0482The high school I worked at, located in La Latina and a block from the Plaza Mayor

IMG_0512Zamora is gorgeous

IMG_0513A traditional cocido in Zamora starts off with sopa, the broth from the cocido with fideos (short, thin noodles)

IMG_0514Next comes the chickpeas, meat, and assorted vegetables, along with rellenos (made with bread crumbs and egg)

IMG_0529Mario got me some pretty flowers!

IMG_0563Spring came to Madrid

IMG_0661Mario and his friend from childhood, Rafa, are completely different but the best of friends

IMG_0686Mario and I have a merienda (snack) during one of the Holy Week processions

IMG_0722We tried out Madrid’s version of Chipotle: Tierra Burrito Bar. Verdict: delicious!

IMG_0725Mario’s first burrito

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetWhen we went to Munich, we got to try some tasty beers

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetMario’s new album cover. Contemplative and cool.

IMG_0781Munich is famous for its weisswurst, white sausages eaten with sweet mustard

IMG_0772Germans love their white asparagus, and we visited Munich in the prime season

IMG_0785Mario’s epic kaiserschmarrn, a type of German shredded pancake

IMG_0823 IMG_0825 IMG_0836Mario getting ready for the final game of the Champion’s League. An all Madrid final.

IMG_0875Beers + potatoes: Standard “tapas”

IMG_0906We visited Zamora with some friends and drove out to see San Pedro de la Nave, a church built in Visigothic times


IMG_0930We also went to the Toro wine fair, where they had a contest for the most creative photo for their slogan, “Un tinto, un Toro”. We submitted this photo … and won 30 bottles of wine!

IMG_0931We had five tickets, but no one really asked for them here

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetVisiting Zamora’s castle

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetThere’s an independence movement in Zamora too

IMG_0977Mario celebrating with his cousins after Real Madrid won the Champion’s League 2014

IMG_1090An amazing salad we had with burrata cheese, tomato marmelade, and fresh basil

IMG_1091Mario happy to be watching the Real Madrid basketball team. It was a nail-biter, but we pulled it out!

IMG_0840Hanging out with friends in Callao

IMG_1138Celebrating our anniversary early by having a wonderful dinner at Velázquez 128

IMG_1165Our 30 bottles of wine!

10 thoughts on “My Life Lately + Photos

  1. Enjoy your time in Indiana and hope you all will be there for all the 4th of July celebrations! Great photos and thanks to you, Zamora is now on my wish list for my next visit to Spain! Ojalá it is in 2015!

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